• ADP1055 External Synchronization with Spread Spectrum

    Dear Sirs

    I would like to use ADP1055 with external synchronization clock featured spread spectrum modulation.
    For example, LTC6908-1 (Fcenter = 200-400 kHz, ±10% Frequency Spreading).

    But I not sure that ADP1055 can support spread spectrum clock on…

  • RE: LTC7801, lower gate voltages than 5V selectable and paralleling of two devices possible?

    I will look into running the DRVCC at 4.5V.  We have typically used the shottky in parallel with the Gan device and a Zener clamp on the boost cap.   This circuit is represented on page 29 of the LTC7800 datasheet.   As for paralleling the ICs, this is perfectly…

  • RE: .file_attr 1="1";

    Hi, Thanks for replying. I had tried the "-no-auto-attrs" with no improvement. The same error reappears elsewhere if I delete the source file causing the problem. It also occurs in the standard "BF609_init" project, so I have attached those files. The…

  • ad7656-1

    I'm requesting the gerber files for this product mentioned above... is it possible to receive them. thanks, 

  • DigiPot 1/f noise

    Is there more noise data for 1KΩ DigiPots than the 1KHz spot noise spec in the data sheets? For example, the AD5253 (1K) shows 3 nV/√Hz at 1KHz which makes sense for a pure resistance in the neighborhood of 1KΩ. I am interested in the region of 0.1Hz…

  • LTC2439-1


    We wanna use the LTC2439-1 configured with 16-Channel Single-Ended Inputs, the Reference-Voltage is 5.0V and the Input-Channel Voltages are from 0-5.0V

    But the datasheet does not clearly describe the function for us with this configuration.

    We are not…

  • How to test LTC4291-1

    Hi we have designed board based on LTC4292 and LTC4291. Earlier i was using LTC4291 and LTC4291 GUI application but since LTC4291 needed programming after each power on reset, i went with LTC4291IUF-1#PBF which is pre-programmed. I want to know how do…

  • ADF7030-1


    I bought the ADF70301 - 433 EZKIT and I can't find, in the ADF70301 data sheet, the noise figure of the transceiver. 

    So I'm here to ask: how can i measure the noise figure of the ADF70301 using the 433EZKIT?

    Thank you for your support

  • AD7988 - 1

    Good afternoon....

    I currently am using the above subject successfully in a design.  The power supplies are as follows: Vref = 2.5V, VDD = 2.5V and VIO = 2.7V - 3.6V.  Moving forward I would like to re-route the analog supply, VDD to track with VIO.  Can…

  • ADUM4121-1

    Can ADUM4121-1 gate drive handle 100% duty cycle?