• RE: LTC3407-2 Sync Clarification

    No available test data for LTC3407-2 SYNC frequency range. It should work with LTC6908-1 spread spectrum frequency (+/- 12.5 max).

  • RE: LT8705A SYNC external clock

    I guess you wouldn't need master-slave arrangement isfusing LTC6908-1.

    You may want to check a product that has MPPT feature LT8490 designed for solar panel input.

  • RE: LTM4613 Simulation to reduce Quiescent Current

    1. Io of LTC3245 go up to 250mA, should be sufficient to drive two DRVCC of LTM4613

    2. It should be ok to power up LTC6908 from LTC3245. The LTC3245 datasheet shows Vout ripple around 20-30mV for low noise mode. You can add more cap at V+ pin of LTC6908…

  • RE: LTC6908 Compatibility with Various Converters


    Yes, all are compatible with LTC6908


  • Synchronize two LTM8074 with LTC6908-1 configured for spread spectrum

    Hi, I'm working on a design that uses two LTM8074 components, one for 3.3V and one for 5V. I want to synchronize them with a 180 degree phase shift using the LTC6908-1. I'd like to use spread spectrum if possible but, I'm unsure if the modulation rate…

  • RE: Crystal Oscillator circuit in LTC6957 datasheet


    For the 300mVpp square.  The LTC6957 version used here was the CMOS output version (3.3V swing).  The 0.3Vpp swing is created with the resistor divide using 450 ohm series resistor and the 50 ohm to GND termination.

    The LTC6908 is a silicon oscillator…

  • RE: LT8362 SEPIC supply: Poorer regulation when externally clocked from an LTC6908-1

    Hi dulcevida,

    Thanks for your quick reply and yes, you are absolutely correct. I should have spotted Vsw exceeding the 60V rating!

    The LT8361 seems to work fine under the same design limits (24V out, Vin_max just below 60V to a Vsw of about 85V). 


  • ADP1055 External Synchronization with Spread Spectrum

    Dear Sirs

    I would like to use ADP1055 with external synchronization clock featured spread spectrum modulation.
    For example, LTC6908-1 (Fcenter = 200-400 kHz, ±10% Frequency Spreading).

    But I not sure that ADP1055 can support spread spectrum clock on…

  • LT3757 output collapse on load

    I'm using the LT3757 in both SEPIC and CUK converters in vehicle mounted equipment to provide symmetrical output rails at ±21V. Vin is nominally 12V. Load current is up to about ±150mA. We have built many hundreds of these devices with no issues. I have…

  • RE: LTC7801, lower gate voltages than 5V selectable and paralleling of two devices possible?

    I will look into running the DRVCC at 4.5V.  We have typically used the shottky in parallel with the Gan device and a Zener clamp on the boost cap.   This circuit is represented on page 29 of the LTC7800 datasheet.   As for paralleling the ICs, this is perfectly…