• adbms1818+ltc6820

    adbms1818+ltc6820 There are code routines for STM or chipon processor microcontrollers.

  • LTC6820 as I2C?!

    Hello. If connecting miso-mosi pins to each other, can ltc6820 operate in I2C bus system?


  • LTC6820 to Microcontroller connection

    Is below connection from LTC6820 to Microcontroller correct?

    1. MOSI (6820) - MOSI (Controller)

    2. MISO (6820) - MISO (Controller)

    2. SCK (6820) - SCK (Controller)

    There are two different types of circuits in LTC6811 datasheet.

    In below circuit MOSI…

  • LTC6820 as SPI Master


    I'm trying to decode SPI communication at the LTC6820 Master side. I need to set some parameters that I can't find in the datasheet. I would appreciate help:
    Bit order (MSB/LSB first)?
    Clock LOW or HIGH when active?
    Data samples on leading…

  • LTC6820 IBIS model

    Hi there 

    May I know if I can have LTC6820's IBIS model for signal integrity simulation?



  • LTC6820 timing issue

    Hi ADIexpert

    my customer found some timing mismatch of  t16 (CS Falling Edge to isoSPI Data Transmit)  and t14 (SCK Non-Latch Edge to isoSPI Data Transmit) from the datasheet of LTC6820

    below test results are tested at slave side , the setting of the SPI…

  • [LTC6820] MISO and CLK timing is mismatched

    Hi everyone,

    I try to use LTC6820 for AS5048A(magnetic encoder IC).

    Fig 1 is not using LTC6820. -> MISO is changed with CLK's falling edge.
    Fig 2 is using LTC6820. -> MISO is changed with CLKC's rising edge.

    What is wrong in my circuit or…

  • LTC6820 isoSPI Isolated Communications Interface (PCB layout)

    Dear all

    I need technical support for a LTC 6820

    During a hardware design ( Interface between MURATA 78601/3C pulse transformer with LTC 6820 )

    as per PCB layout guidelines for LTC 6820

    The IP and IM traces should be isolated from sur-rounding circuits…

  • LTC6820 For CISPR25 1MHZ EMI Ready Solution

    Dear All:

    I want to know LTC6820 demo board or CN0410 (circuits-from-the-lab) design which one is CISPR25_2016_6.5 EMI test ready???  have any testing report provide to me refer? thanks