• ltc6820

    LTC6820 When cs came, the IP-IM pin did not produce a long-1

  • MAX17261 + LTC6820 schematic and PCB layout review


    Since ADI acquired Maxim Integrated now, I'm thankful that I can use this platform to inquire on a schematic and PCB layout review for my ICs. I don't need to ask 2 different platforms anymore.

    May I request for a schematic and PCB l…

  • LTC6820 interface & Transformer

    Hello Sir

    Q1: LTC6820 EVB DC1941C + DC2026
    When connected to SPI
    (LTC6820) MOSI to (MCU) MOSI
    (LTC6820) MISO to (MCU) MISO

    But the LTC6811 specification P47(Figure18) is
    (LTC6820) MOSI to (MCU) MISO
    (LTC6820) MISO to (MCU) MOSI

    Which way is correct?

  • Question about the Cell Monitoring IC & ISO SPI. (LTC6811-1, LTC6820)

    Hello, I'm a BMS designer.

    I designed a target PCB with LTC6811-1 in the ADI product line.

    To verify this, I purchased the DC1941D EVM Board with LTC6820 as the SPI initiator role.

    Here's the question.

    1. Is there a way to easily verify the t…

  • LTC6810-2 + LTC6820 LabVIEW code

    Hello ADI:

    I have created a custom BMS system: 4S3P battery configuration. Each string has 1 unit of LTC6810-2. All LTC6810-2 units are connected in parallel to 1 unit of LTC6820.

    I was wondering if anyone has a mastercode of LTC6810-2 and LTC6820 using…

  • LTC6810 + LTC6820


    I plan to use LTC6810-2 and LTC6820 in a multidrop method.



    I plan to use the preferred isoSPI bus coupling as seen in Fig. 51b. However, my computed RB1 = 806Ω, RB2 = 1.21kΩ, and my RM = 120Ω. I do not believe the "402…

  • RE: LTC6820 isoSPI Isolated Communications Interface (PCB layout)

    Hello Jon: I have the same question. Can you review my PCB layout to see if my design is good? FYI I have followed your design of adding D3.

  • adbms1818+ltc6820

    adbms1818+ltc6820 There are code routines for STM or chipon processor microcontrollers.

  • LTC6820 as SPI Master


    I'm trying to decode SPI communication at the LTC6820 Master side. I need to set some parameters that I can't find in the datasheet. I would appreciate help:
    Bit order (MSB/LSB first)?
    Clock LOW or HIGH when active?
    Data samples on leading…

  • LTC6820 to Microcontroller connection

    Is below connection from LTC6820 to Microcontroller correct?

    1. MOSI (6820) - MOSI (Controller)

    2. MISO (6820) - MISO (Controller)

    2. SCK (6820) - SCK (Controller)

    There are two different types of circuits in LTC6811 datasheet.

    In below circuit MOSI…