Hi Gautam,

    Check for POL, PHA settings(1,1). SPI clock frequency (<1MHz), Pull-up on MOSI and MISO pins.  

    Next thing to check for is Vreg, Vdrive voltages. After wake-up ~5V should appear on Vdrive for 2 sec.


  • RE: BMS sketchbooks for LTC6813 with DC2350A

    I tried to compile but there is no header file for the LTC6813: 

  • RE: LTC6804-2 and LTC6811-2 reference voltage 1 and 2 at 0V.

    I'm having this same exact issue with the LTC6813 as well. The SPI communications work and a valid PEC is received always, however, the values themselves are 6.5535V and the REF voltages are always at 0V. 


  • RE: LTC6813 reversible isoSPI Linduino implementation?


    Thanks for sharing your observations with LTC6813.

    I am attaching the beta release of LTC6813 sketchbook. This is only for one 6813 board but you can modify it for multiple boards in ISOSPI and reversible ISOSPI configuration.

    We are working on ISOSPI…

  • RE: Where to get the evaluation software for LTC6813?


    Can you please check the following path for the LTC6813 code ? 


    Under 'libraries' folder, you can find code for other parts also. mobdro

    Thanks and Regards,

  • Using the LTC6804/LTC6811/LTC6813 with less cell


    In data sheet of LTC6804, LTC6811, LTC6813-1 say

    The unused cell inputs should be tied to the other unused inputs on the same MUX and then connected to the battery stack through a 100Ω resistor.

    But in Cell Connection Scheme, they through different…

  • BMS sketchbooks for LTC6813 with DC2617A


    could you provide a Sketchbook for the LTC6813 with the DC2617A


  • RE: LTC6804-2 Internal Die Temperature conversion formula


    Currently we don't have the temp results for the 6804-2. Instead I have the results from the LTC6813 part, which uses the same formula for the temperature calculation. Below are the temp results for the LTC6813. Results have been taken at room temperature…

  • LTC6813 availability

    Is there any current estimate on when the LTC6813-1 will be "properly" available?

    The product has been in "production" state for a while now, but still one cannot get it from anywhere: Analog Devices sample requests report it as on backorder…