• RE: 18 cells BMS with (LTC6813-1) and active balancer LTC3300-1 x3

    Concerning the setups:

    • Setup 1 is useful if you do not want to have the same power ground for the LTC6813 and bottom LTC3300.  For high current applications such as yours it is probably the best choice.
    • With careful system grounding it is OK to use setup…
  • RE: LTC6813: 4-wire SPI problem with DC2350A-B


    Sadly, I'm facing the same problem. Were you able to resolve the issue?

    I'm using isoSPI and I have confirmed that the RDCFGA command (same one you've used) is transmitted correctly from the LTC6820 to the LTC6813-1. After receiving the mentioned…

  • RE: 48V锂电池BMS

    电池用的是磷酸铁锂,三元,还是梯次回收的?用于储能ESS,还是EV BMS,低速车(ADI不关心Ebike等低端场合)?

    建议优先考虑18CH/2.2mV 的 LTC6813-1


  • LTC6813


  • Use and non-use of the balancing function of LTC6813-1


    Concerning Balancing function, If this feature is not used, can S(n) pins be left blank when designing hardware? Without using these pins, would the measurement of LTC6813-1 have any effect?

    Thanks & BRs,

    Dang Ngoc Nghia

  • RE: LTC6813 Bidirectional ISO-SPI

    Hi IanAber,

    Please check section "Waking a Daisy Chain—Method 2" in 6813-1 Datasheet for the best wake-up practice.

    You are confusing Core wake-up with ISO-SPI wake up. The ISO-SPI port is Active for 5.5ms typically. See "Figure 1. LTC6813…

  • LTC6813-1 Vref2 Maximum Current Out

    Dear Friends,

    Does anyone know what is the maximum current capability of the Vref2 pin of the LTC6813-1 Chip, I'll need to attach 18 NTC temperature sensors to measure the 18 cell's temperature individually. according to the following way I decide to…

  • RE: 4-wire SPI problem with LTC6813-1


    Has your issue been resolved?

  • RE: About LTC6813-1 Cell Discharge Voltage (Lower Limit)

    There is no such restriction as minimum discharge voltage. There is a restriction on max discharge current and operating temperature during discharge. The discharge will stop if internal die temperature reaches 150C. It will also limit the internal per…

  • RE: LTC6813 Is not responding SPI.

    Hi Sgarg,

    I tried, every possible way to communicate with LTC6813 IC(SLAVE), With Renesas RL78/F13(MASTER). BUT it is not working. 

    With STM32F429 (MASTER)  and LTC6813(SLAVE)  it is working.