• RE: LTC6813-1 cells

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  • RE: LTC6813-1 Balancing Resistor Size

    Hi Abhishek,

    Concerning Balancing, if this function is not used, can S(n) pins of LTC6813-1 be left blank when designing hardware?
    Without using these pins, would the measurement of LTC6813-1 have any effect?


    Nghia Dang Ngoc

  • When will a demo schematic be available using the LTC6813-1 with the active balancer IC LT8584.

    I know there is a demo using the LTC6813-1 and passive balancing.  I need active balancing for serial blocks of 18 cells and this is ideal for the LTC6813-1.  I have been told months ago that the LT8584 active balancing IC can be used with the LTC6813-1…

  • RE: BMS for Mobile Robot

    Hi Abhishek;


    Thanks a lot for the feedback.

    Our current battery pack has a maximum of 16 strings, which may make LTC6813 more suitable for our application. There are the following questions:

    1. What is the minimum number of strings supported by LTC6813…
  • Cell connecting problem with LTC6813-1


    A 18S board design with LTC6813-1, but mounting for 14S use.

    The circuit for cell connecting is as below. Because for 14S only, some 0 ohm/0603 are used to configure. 

    Bn for actual battery cell connect input through CON2 and CON1.

    In board test stage…

  • Implement cell balancing on the LTC6813-1.

    How to implement cell balancing on the LTC6813-1? Can I know the command to implement cell balancing via Linduino one demo circuit 2026C? Python code would be appreciated. Also I would like to know if you have the GUI. Thanks.

  • RE: 48V锂电池BMS

    电池用的是磷酸铁锂,三元,还是梯次回收的?用于储能ESS,还是EV BMS,低速车(ADI不关心Ebike等低端场合)?

    建议优先考虑18CH/2.2mV 的 LTC6813-1


  • LTC6813 Configuration Problem

    I encounter one problem with setting LTC6813 config registers.

    I try to write config to LTC6813 IC and read it back, but the read back result is not match with what I written or default value.

    Shown as following figure,

    step 1 - I try to read back config…

  • Question about LTC6813

    Hi All,


    My battery spec is as follows.

    - Battery total voltage: 378V, The number of cells: 120,  Voltage per cell: 3.15V (3.15Vx120=378V)

    I cosinder to use 8 x LTC6813 to monitor each cell voltage. 8 x LTC6813s are connected in series and one (1)…

  • RE: 18 cells BMS with (LTC6813-1) and active balancer LTC3300-1 x3

    Concerning the setups:

    • Setup 1 is useful if you do not want to have the same power ground for the LTC6813 and bottom LTC3300.  For high current applications such as yours it is probably the best choice.
    • With careful system grounding it is OK to use setup…