• LTC6812-1 AD conversion SDO-pin polling and watchdog ?


    LTC6812-1 chip is used as a single device and communication is by SPI to host microcontroller.
    I have sent ADCV + PEC -command and during the last rising clock, SDO pin goes low to inform AD conversion has started,  REF1 and REF2 rises in 1 millisecond…

  • RE: Cell Balancing with LTC6812-1

    Hi Sgarg, 

    I could not find any literature on why to balance alternate cells at same time and not all of the cells using S pins (DCC bits) of LTC6813? Is it a mandatory caution? If so, can you redirect me to some literature or reasoning for the same?

  • RE: Programming LTC6812

    You can refer to the Demo Manual to get information on how to connect the Demo board to an Arduino and use it. https://www.analog.com/media/en/dsp-documentation/evaluation-kit-manuals/DC2350AF.PDF

    Secondly, you can use Arduino to upload the sketchbook…

  • LTC6812 Evaluation Board DC2350a-a


    I have an Evaluation Board DC2350 a-a which consists of LTC6812-1 IC. I want to program the board using Linduino. But I did not get the datasheet and it is also not available online. 

    Please let me know, how to program the evaluation board or is…

  • LTC6812 4 Wire Communication Step by Step procedure

    Hello... I would like to use LTC6812-1, i was design the pcb for 4 wire communication.

    can anyone explain to me, step by step procedure to access the value of each voltage cell..?

  • Arduino Libraries/Demo Board for LTC6812

    Two questions:

    Is the DC2350A-B board compatible with the 6812? I can only seem to find the DC2350A-B available for purchase online and not the DC2350A-A, which is the demo board for the 6812. Upon further reading of the instruction manual for the DC2350A…

  • LTC6812 - using PWM Register Group

    Hi everyone,

    I am using the DC2350A demoboard and I am trying to use the group of registers of the PWM to achieve passive balancing and I have a doubt: do these registers affect the cells only when the WatchDog of the LTC6812 has expired?
    Because for now…

  • Query on Cell balancing in LTC6812


    We are using DC2350A board (of LTC6812) and using linduino for interface.

    We have currently connected 4 slaves (LTC6812) to the Linduino board.

    We am not able to discharge a particular cell of a particular AFE. If I want to discharge cell 3, all the…

  • Unable to read SPI LTC6812 data

    I have connected TI controller as Master and LTC6812 as slaves on SPI.

    Only 4 signals are connected to AFE namely CLK,MISO,MOSI , Data from master.

    I can  see that MISO,MOSI and CLK are correct but the data begins to receive data but not complete.


  • LTC6812 Demo Board S Pin Control


    Using the LTC6812, an arduino and the DC2350A-A sample code I have managed to read cell voltages. However, I am having trouble controlling the S pins to discharge the cells through an external P-channel mosfet and resistor. The sample code mentions…