• Powering LTC6812

    While analyzing the failure modes of my system that consists of the LTC6812 IC, I am running into a scenario where the path to the V+ pin might break. In this case, can the sense pins (namely C15) provide power to the 6812 IC? 

    I have done some testing…

  • LTC6812 Measuring GPIO pins while discharge transistors are enabled

    While working with the LTC6812, I am unable to read the voltage across the GPIO pins accurately when the discharge transistors are enabled. Here are the details of what I am trying to achieve:
    1. Read voltage/temp at 2Hz. (GPIO pins are connected…

  • LTC6812 LTSketchbook for mbed os

    I am trying to run some firmware that I wrote for the Arduino Nano Every to interface with the LTC6812 IC on an Arduino Portenta H7 Lite. Unfortunately, the H7 uses an arm based processor that is not compatible with the SPI libraries used in the LTSketchbook…

  • NOISE Issue LTC6812 Daisy Chain Configuration for Energy Storage Application

    BMS Daisy Chain for Energy Storage Application customer is using and Connecting with UPS System and charging happen its through BMS and it’s controlling the Switch that time Noise is Happening, Discharging connect with Load, No Noise.


  • RE: Questions for LTC6811-1, LTC6812-1

    Dear Abhishek,

    Thank you for your kind answer.

    But additionaly my customer asks that they want to know the maximum power specification of Zennor diodes in LTC6812-1 and LTC6811-1.

    (Its zennor diodes are located inside of LTC6812-1 and LTC6811-1 and Cx…

  • Question about Daisy chain configuration of LTC6812-1


    My customer is reviewing ADI BMS solutions and ask some questions about daisy configuration.

    Please refer Fig.18/Fig.19 in LTC6812-1 datasheet.

    Q1) Would you let me know your opinions about advantages and disadvantages of Capacitive-Coupled Daisy…

  • RE: Questions on BMS LTC6812/3 and active balancer LTC3300 and LT8584

    Regarding number 4:

    The cell voltage and temperature are of asil C FSRs

    For achieving higher asil for temperature measurements it is clear from the safety manual that we can use different thermistor circuits on different non adjacent GPIOs, however for…

  • about the SPI mode of the LTC6812.

    Let me ask you about the SPI mode of the LTC6812.

    According to the data sheet, SPI is in mode 3.

    However, looking at the DC2350AA software program on HP, it runs in mode 0. (When I actually checked the waveform, it was mode 0)

    I recognize that the software…

  • LTC6812断线检测功能







  • LTC6812-1 Not responding


    I am having some issues in getting responses from the LTC6812-1 BMS IC. I am operating it in the isoSPI and i am trying to read back the configuration register. But i keep getting 0xFF in my reception buffer. I checked the  section in the data sheet…