• RE: LTC6811-2: where is the Parameters value for calculating pull up resister for I2C Master as LTC6811-2?

    External pull-up resistor calculations require the Input voltage low (Vil), Output Voltage low (Vol), and Output current low (Iol), Vcc = 5DC of the master I2C. where this value gets for calculations. 

    You can find the VIL for the GPIO Pins…

  • RE: LTC6811-2 isoSPI not working

    Hello sindagi2, we face exactly the same issue with an DC2260A Evalboard  trying to communicate with an DC1941D Evalboard. Standard SPI is working correctly, but with IsoSPI we measure 5V common mode voltages on IPA/IMA lines. Is this a bug in the LTC6811…

  • LTC6811-2 : How to implement extra mux into a AFE?

    LTC6811-2  support only 5 NTC as analog input from GPIO 1:5  but this AFE also has an extra feature to connect more NTC using the MUX circuit. 

    so my question is how to implement this type of solution which suggests in the datasheet.

    Do any examples or documents…



    this board is 2 chip stacking with LTC6811-2 on single PCB. Normally, cell monitoring is ok. However, when is starting cell balancing with DCC mode.top and bottom cell were variation over 10mV.

    I would like to receive a review about the circuit…

  • QuikEvel Software detects LTC6811-2 Demo board but does not work


    I use the Linduino One development board with the DC590B sketch loaded, connected to the LTC6811-2 demo board as described in this Manuel https://www.analog.com/media/en/technical-documentation/user-guides/DC2260AF.PDF

    After opening the QuikEval software…

  • LTC6811-2 connect arduino

    Hello everyone. I am working on a battery manangment system for electric vehicles. I am thinking of using the ltc6811-2 integrated for this system. I will use Arduino to control the system. I have Arduino codes of dc2259a demo board. Actually these codes…

  • LTC6811-2 isoSPI addressable bus configuration

    Hello everyone!

    I recently purchased the LTC6811HG-2 part, that is going to be used in automotive HV battery and I am starting to work on my schematic for the master and slave boards. Concerning the iso SPI bus, i have seen from the datasheet and your…

  • RE: LTC6811-2 unable to communicate over isoSPI

    Unfortunately the log is showing no communication from the IC, so you will need to check the hardware setup.

    What clock speed is being used for the communication?

    What address is the LTC6811-2 configured for (which of pins A0-A3 are tied to V-/Vreg)


  • RE: LTC6811-2 ADAX error after setting cfgr register

    I am not sure if i understood the question correctly. What i understood from Google translate is after you set CFGR with DCC bits. your measurement of temperature from GPIO changes from 25C to 79C?

    Is this what you meant? 

    Can you please share the raw…

  • LTC6811-2 unable to sample NTC thermistors connected to GPIO 1 and 2


    Connected two NTC thermistors to the GPIO 1 and 2. When start writing configuration registers with respective bits set for GPIO 1 and 2 noticed that they have been reset upon writing configuration in case if NTC thermistors are connected. What…