• LTC6811-1 Turning ON MOSFETs


    I am trying to operate LTC6811-1 Battery monitoring IC with STM32F3 Microcontroller. I want to turn OFF a particular MOSFET in the cell balancing system in DC2259A  through SPI communication . What is the instruction algorithm /  frame format  for controlling…

  • LTC6811-1 SPI Pin Voltage level

    SDO pin of LTC6811-1 is open drain NMOS Output Pin as mentioned in datasheet.

    Can I pull up this pin 3.3V of microcontroller [STM32F303CC]?

    Do i Need to pull up this pin to VREG?

  • Communication Issue between LTC6811-1 and LTC3300-1 via SPI

    Dear Colleagues from ADI,

    I've frustrated by this communication failure for quite long time, help from you is appreciated.

    SPI from LTC6811-1 can send out waveforms correctly and the code is as follow, but all two LTC3300-1 has no response(can’t…

  • ltc6811-1 with ltc1380 multiplexer

    I'm trying implement LTC1380 with LTC6811-1 for temperature sensors. GPIO1 is used to take analog reading. how should I write data to comm register? And how to read analog read from GPIO1?

  • LTC6811-1的外部Regulator稳压器损坏





  • LTC6811-1 connection issue by Linduino(DC2026A) & DC2792A


    I'm DFAE. I received a question from my customer. The customer is testing LTC6811-1 using Linduino DC2026A and DC2792A. There is no trouble when customer connected five LTC6811-1 boars. But the test system has error when the customer connected…

  • How to write ICOMn[3] of LTC6811-1

    I am FAE in Japanease distributor.

    Our customer will use LTC6811-1 which will connect LTC1380 by I2C.

    ICOMn[3] of LTC6811-1 must be [0] to select I2C.

    Coud you please teach us how to write ICOMn[3]?

    There are many registers and we don't know how to specify…

  • LTC6811-1 not giving accurate voltage readings

    I am able to read and write config register, read cell voltages and status register of LTC6811.

    However, the cell voltages measured by LTC 6811-1 are not accurate and keep fluctuating.

    I got around 6.2volt in cell 1 and all the remaining cells as 0 volt…

  • LTC6811-1 9cells application

    Dear all

    Our customer is designing 9 cells application(refer to attached file)

    In normal operation, B5 cell and B6 cell can sense very well.

    But, in charging/discharging operation, sensing value is changed about 10mV(.(ex. 3.36 -> 3.37 -> 3.36 -> 3.37…

  • LTC6811-1 usage for ISO-26262 compliant systems


    We intend to use the LTC6811-1 in an application, for which we want to obtain an ISO 26262 certificate. Whereas the LTC6811 datasheet states that the device is "Engineered for ISO 26262-Compliant Systems", I would like to see a certificate proving…