• Maximum support cells number & maximum connected devices of LTC6811-1 & LTC6811-2


    I would like to know maximum support cells number of LTC6811-1 and LTC6811-2. And also I would like to know maximum connected devices of LTC6811-1 and LTC6811-2.

    Could you please advise me them?

    Can LTC6811-1/-2 support 130cells or connect 12…

  • LTC6811-1 9cells application

    Dear all

    Our customer is designing 9 cells application(refer to attached file)

    In normal operation, B5 cell and B6 cell can sense very well.

    But, in charging/discharging operation, sensing value is changed about 10mV(.(ex. 3.36 -> 3.37 -> 3.36 -> 3.37…

  • 使用LTC6811-2做电池管理AD采集,用SPI通信4线,LTC6811-2的SPI如何设置?有适合LTC6811-2的SPI配置库函数吗?官网提供的LTC6811函数里没有SPI配置







  • RE: LTC6813 responding with 0xFF for everything

    I also found this elsewhere on the forum where someone is having the same issue on the LTC6804 and LTC6811 parts


  • 我用MSP430G2553与LTC6811-2采用SPI通信,读取电池电压值,


    void LTC6811_init_cfg(uint8_t total_ic, //!< Number of ICs in the system
    cell_asic *ic //!< A two dimensional array that will store the data



  • RE: When will a demo schematic be available using the LTC6813-1 with the active balancer IC LT8584.

    Fil, I'm assuming level shifters are required on the S lines of the LTC6811 in order to properly establish the serial link to the LT8584.   Can you confirm why the GPIO lines of the LTC6811 are needed to control the LT8584?  I am surprised this is the…

  • LTC6811-1 usage for ISO-26262 compliant systems


    We intend to use the LTC6811-1 in an application, for which we want to obtain an ISO 26262 certificate. Whereas the LTC6811 datasheet states that the device is "Engineered for ISO 26262-Compliant Systems", I would like to see a certificate proving…

  • How can I calculate the number of slave devices(LTC6811-1) using LTC6820 as a master device while communicate in isoSPI

    Hello, I want to know how many fanouts can I use on LTC6820.

    I will use 24 LTC6811-1s as slave devices, and  the communication method will be isoSPI.

    I have looked up for the data sheet of LTC6811-1 and here's what I found:

    Question 1 : How can I…

  • RE: Where to get the evaluation software for LTC6813?

    Hi Luke, 

    You can refer to the 6811 sketch. 

    For that you need to download 

    1. 6811 .cpp/*.h files  

    LTC6811-1 LTC6811-2 Datasheet and Product Info | Analog Devices  

    2. Linduino sketch in the below link (Step 1)

    Linduino | Analog Devices  

    This will help…

  • RE: Questions about DC2259 and DC2026 connection


    I can see, you are using the LTC6811-1, so it supports DAISY CHAIN communication for the system using multiple 6811-1 boards.

    Daisy chain configurations works for the system with ISOSPI communication protocol.

    For Daisy Chaining you need DC2026, LTC6820…