• Can someone BMS sketchbook for LTC6810-1

    I am trying to interface  LTC6810-1 isoSPI daisy chain with LTC6820 and Arduino. Please share the BMS sketchbook for it.

  • LTC6810-1 iso-SPI Communication Problem


    I have a probelm with isoSPI communication in LTC6810-1 Battery Monitoring IC. I have a proper communcation with the 1st IC using SPI, but the communication between this 1st Slave and 2nd one is through isoSPI, they are connected in series. Its not…

  • LTC6810-1 Communication Problem with LTC6820 isoSPI and and Arduino.


    I am trying to communicate with LTC6810 with Arduino UNO (Linduino Code) Through LTC6820 iso-SPI board 2617A. I am not able to write and read the configuration register. Right now i am testing only with one slave board (Only one LTC6810-1). I am attaching…

  • LTC6810-1 communication problem

    Hello everyone,

    I have trouble in SPI communication with LTC6810-1. The chip is standalone and is connected to STM32 microcontroller via SPI interface. For now, I need to determine the communication itself.

    I have sent simple communication frame "00 01…

  • LTC6810-1

    Application Question for LTC6810 and similar parts.  It's not required to use the discharge capability of these devices is it?  If not, what do you do with the unused pins.  I didn't see anything in the data sheet pertaining to this question. 


  • LTC6810-1 Number of cells


    I want to monitor 4 cells using LTC6810 is it possible? The manual never shows any example to connect less than 6 cells.


  • LTC6810-1 with Arduino UNO & DC2617A iso-SPI board instead of Linduino one board

    Hey i am trying to communicate with LTC6810-1 using Arduino and LTC6820  (DC2617A) iso-SPI. Will the LTSketchbook examples file works with Arduino UNO (Not Linduino) without modifying the test code?  Will the DC2515 code differs, because of additional USB…

  • RE: LTC6810 demo

    Thank you for the reply.

    A LTC6810-1 hardware design with external N-MOSFET for passive balancing is preferred.

    Daisy chain communication is not required at this stage.

    Thank you again.


  • LTC6810 + LTC3300 for Battery Cell Balancers


    Here are some questions from a customer regarding battery cell balancers:


    my RB1 = 806Ω, RB2 = 1.21kΩ, and my RM = 120Ω. I do not believe the "402Ω resistor or 15pF capacitor or 22Ω resistor" applies to my own specific RB1,RB2, RM application…

  • LTC6810 CRC Problem

    Hi People,

    I am attempting to build a rudimentary BMS using the LTC6810-2 monitoring chip. Unfortunately, I cannot communicate to the chip because I am not understanding the Packet Error Code (PEC)  generation using Cyclical Redundancy Check code provided…