• LTC6804-2测量不准



  • LTC6804-2 cannot be written

    I'm designing a battery management system for automobiles. I use the chip LTC6804-2. I can read battery voltage, GPIO data and configuration data, but I can't write configuration data.
    I also purchased the DEMO test board of LTC6804-2, including…
  • Unable to communicate to the ltc6804-2 IC

    I have made a pcb , taking ltc6804-2 demo board as reference. Below is part of SPI communication. DIO2 is MOSI and DIO7 is MISO. The data  on MISO does not have correct pec. Is there any way I can check if ltc6804-2 IC is not faulty?

  • RE: LTC6804-2电量采集问题以及例程

    您好,希望这个能够帮到您https://ez.analog.com/search?q=LTC6804-2 ,另您也可将问题发布在咱们的全球技术社区哦,会有专门的工程师为您解答的。https://ez.analog.com/power/

  • LTC6804-2


  • LTC6804-2 and LTC6811-2 reference voltage 1 and 2 at 0V.


    I installed 2x LTC6811-2 and then 1x LTC6804-2 on the same board and I don't have any voltage reference output at anytime. The functional diagram in the datasheets shows that VREF1 should be always present as it's generated from V+. VREF2 is not…

  • LTC6804-2 measurement errors and odd cell balance functionality ?


    I have been working now several weeks with Linear 1942C evaluation board combined with my MCU evaluation board. The SPI interface communicates with the 1942C and i can read all 12 cell values connected to it. Further, I can print all cell voltage…

  • LTC6804-2 Thermistor connections


    I am using the LTC6804 in a BMS system and require 4 thermistor inputs from a single chip. I understand that the Vref2 pin is used for thermistors but is it possible to use the GPIO pins and Vref1 as thermistor inputs?



  • RE: LTC6804 isoSPI Layout Guidelines

    Extending the V- ground plane under the transformer could allow noise from the transformer to couple into the ground plane. Placing a slot helps prevents this. It's the same reason we don't recommend extending the ground plane under the isoSPI connector and traces before the transformer.
  • RE: LTC6804-2 PEC error next to a high voltage motor inverter

    I have solved the issue. The problem was that the isolation transformer (PE-68386) collected noises which causes CRC errors on the bus. I replaced with H1102FNL and then everything is fine.