• RE: (LTC6804) Current drain between C12 and C0

    Hi Ilhami,

    I don’t think the part will behave correctly with just two pins connected.  It is advised that you explore by using the demo boards available through ADI website.

    LTC6804-1 LTC6804-2 Datasheet and Product Info | Analog Devices 

  • LTC6804-2


  • Basic setup to comminicate to LTC6811 or LTC6804


    I am trying to communicate to an LTC6811(-2) and testwise LTC6804(-1) using an STM32F103. Tried so far two LTC6811 and one LTC6804 without any success.

    What is the minimum hardware setup required? Do I need V+ to be connected or is for communication…

  • LTC6804: Drive external mosfets


    I want to use the LTC6804 to drive external mosfets. so i want to know how much the LTC6804 can deliever voltage to drive mosfet ?

    As most mosfets need 10 V can he deliever such a voltage ?

  • LTC6804-2 Thermistor connections


    I am using the LTC6804 in a BMS system and require 4 thermistor inputs from a single chip. I understand that the Vref2 pin is used for thermistors but is it possible to use the GPIO pins and Vref1 as thermistor inputs?



  • LTC6804 PEC Errors when Daisy Chained

    I have a question about the LTC6804.  I am in the process of developing a LabVIEW test program designed to communicate with several LTC6804’s in a battery pack. I am using 3 Part #LTC68041G-1 Demo Circuit 1894B. The SPI communications is done through a…

  • RE: LTC6804 异常的GPIO1读数

    GPIO1 can be affected by MUX shoot through glitches. The best workaround is to do a dummy conversion of just GPIO1 (don't bother with the read and it can be the fast filter mode), then do the GPIO conversions. Note that with un-buffered 100k sensors there…

  • RE: Battery management with LTC3300 and LTC6804


    What do you mean by two 3S packs in parallel?  Is your pack configuration 3s2p? Or is it 2p3s? The use cases will be different for both. 3s2p configuration will have 2 different segments in parallel for which you will be needing 2 sets of LTC3300…

  • LTC6804-2 cannot be written

    I'm designing a battery management system for automobiles. I use the chip LTC6804-2. I can read battery voltage, GPIO data and configuration data, but I can't write configuration data.
    I also purchased the DEMO test board of LTC6804-2, including…
  • LTC6811/LTC6804: Mosfet driving


    I'm working on cell balancing system(active cell balancing based on inductor energy transfet between cells)  for my hybrid capacitor battery.

    I have 36 cells with 0.8 V to 1.6 V maximum voltage range ( 1.4 V rated voltage) for each cell.