Our customer was finished BMS pack with LTC6804IG-1  for E-Ship engine driving.

    Under 1 ton models has been operating well. However, recently,The stability standard was strengthened and defects occurred in the ESD test.

    so she should check with…

  • LTC6804-1 for ADC2 not work

    I am creating a circuit for 12 batteries and I wil use only one LTC6804-1. I have three LTC6804-1. Every LTC6804-1 makes SPI connection with Arduino. Firstly I connected LTCs one by one with the Ardunio. The tests of this LTC6804 gave the correct results…

  • LTC6804-1


    I am trying to communicate with LTC6804-1 and STM32 for SPI.

    41-43 pins cannot get high-level voltage.

  • LTC6804-1 VREF1


    I use LTC6804-1 IC in my current project. Currently I have a problem with VREF1 pin. I read 0.2-1.4V voltage levels on the input of VREF1 pin. When external Mosfets need to be turned on, the voltage drops to 0.2V, and when the Mosfets are turned…

  • LTC6804-1 Read Configuration bits different from Write configuration bits


    I am working with a DC1894 board which is connected to an MCU in SPI mode. I am trying to send basic commands such as Write Configuration and then reading them back with Read Configuration command.

    However, when I send the Read configuration command…

  • LTC6804 isoSPI Layout Guidelines

    Does the isoSPI Guideline number 2 found in the LTC6804 data sheet apply if I am using the LTC6804-1 in , specifically number 2, apply if I am connecting multiple LTC6804-1's on the same PCB as shown in Figure 44 of the data sheet?  What is the purpose…

  • Arduino uno connect with LTC6804-1 with sketchbook DC1894B but not connect with quikeval gui

    Hello to community

    I use a Arduino uno with ft232 and a mine board with ltc6804-1, when a upload from sketchbook the DC1894 to my Arduino uno i can to connect with LTC6804-1 and read the cell voltage and etc from serial port via of Arduino IDE. When from…

  • Voltage reading problem using LTC6804-1

    I'm trying to read cell voltages from a battery pack using DC1894B with LTC6804-1.

    I connected 5 cells to the DC1894B board.

    Voltages of all the cells are over 3.6V.

    But what I received is below

    I thought my board was broken, then I changed it…

  • LTC6811-1 or LTC6804 working in daisy chain

    hi when the LTC6811-1 or LTC6804 is working in daisy chain , can I connect them with regular UTP ? or must be shielded,and the shielding wire must be connected to the ground?thanks!

  • Difference between the datasheet and the GUI of LTC6804-1


    I'm trying to connect DC1894B(where LTC6804-1 chip on) to my MCU board using 4-wire SPI.

    But there are differences between the LTC6804-1 datasheet and GUI program about data protocol.

    For example,

    in the case of the read configuration,

    The datasheet…