• Voltage reading problem using LTC6804-1

    I'm trying to read cell voltages from a battery pack using DC1894B with LTC6804-1.

    I connected 5 cells to the DC1894B board.

    Voltages of all the cells are over 3.6V.

    But what I received is below

    I thought my board was broken, then I changed it…

  • Difference between the datasheet and the GUI of LTC6804-1


    I'm trying to connect DC1894B(where LTC6804-1 chip on) to my MCU board using 4-wire SPI.

    But there are differences between the LTC6804-1 datasheet and GUI program about data protocol.

    For example,

    in the case of the read configuration,

    The datasheet…

  • LTC6804-1 Automotive Grade??

    Is LTC6804-1 an automotive grade part i.e. AEC-Q qualified? What grade (0/1/2) is it? Thanks!

  • RE: Phyisical connection between DC1894B(LTC6804-1) and a MCU board?

    What you meant is V+ for LTC6804-1. I already did it to power the chip on.

    I did settings as you said already...

    What I was wrong with is my MCU board. I replaced it with a new one. It perfectly works. Anyway Thanks!!

  • LTC6804-1 stack communication issues

    I’m working with the LTC6804-1 on a project for a large battery pack for a client that’s intended as a UPS for data center applications.

     They are using 4 boards with 8 cells per board (schematic attached) connected and series and then attached…

  • Questions about Balancing Behavior in LTC6804-1


    I am using LTC6804-1 for my current project.
    I configured the external FETs separately for the Balancing operation of LTC6804-1.

    What I'm curious about is how the Balancing of LTC6804-1 works when it's on.

    For example, when Balancing is…

  • No correct response after clicking READ CONFIG in LTC6804-1 GUI

    Hello? I'm trying to use LTC6804-1 GUI with DC590B and DC1894B.

    I connected each board and my desktop.

    After clicking READ CONFIG,


    According to the user manual of DC1894B, the registers should…

  • LTO (Lithium Titanate Oxide) batteries for LTC3300-1 & LTC6804


    I'm designing a BMS for LTO cells with an active balancing function. LTO cells have a voltage range of 1.5V-2.8V, nominal 2.3V. It seems ok to use LTC6804 for monitor IC, but I'm not sure about LTC3300-1. Will it be good to use those two ICs for…

  • Basic setup to comminicate to LTC6811 or LTC6804


    I am trying to communicate to an LTC6811(-2) and testwise LTC6804(-1) using an STM32F103. Tried so far two LTC6811 and one LTC6804 without any success.

    What is the minimum hardware setup required? Do I need V+ to be connected or is for communication…

  • RE: LTC6804 异常的GPIO1读数

    GPIO1 can be affected by MUX shoot through glitches. The best workaround is to do a dummy conversion of just GPIO1 (don't bother with the read and it can be the fast filter mode), then do the GPIO conversions. Note that with un-buffered 100k sensors there…