• LTC6804-2


  • LTC6804: Drive external mosfets


    I want to use the LTC6804 to drive external mosfets. so i want to know how much the LTC6804 can deliever voltage to drive mosfet ?

    As most mosfets need 10 V can he deliever such a voltage ?

  • LTC6804-1 Automotive Grade??

    Is LTC6804-1 an automotive grade part i.e. AEC-Q qualified? What grade (0/1/2) is it? Thanks!

  • LTC6804-2 Thermistor connections


    I am using the LTC6804 in a BMS system and require 4 thermistor inputs from a single chip. I understand that the Vref2 pin is used for thermistors but is it possible to use the GPIO pins and Vref1 as thermistor inputs?



  • LTC6811/LTC6804: Mosfet driving


    I'm working on cell balancing system(active cell balancing based on inductor energy transfet between cells)  for my hybrid capacitor battery.

    I have 36 cells with 0.8 V to 1.6 V maximum voltage range ( 1.4 V rated voltage) for each cell.


  • LTC6804芯片SPI唤醒的问题

    你好,我想咨询下LTC6804芯片SPI唤醒的问题,初步打算采用4线SPI(ISOMODE=V-)。VREG的输入由LT3990芯片提供,芯片的EN/VVLO通过DRIVE驱动 实现LTC6804低功耗。
    1,在手册 POWER CUMNSUMPTION 那个章节 里边写了ISO SPI接口供电是由 VREG提供的,,那四线SPI实现唤醒 他的供电是否与VREG有关系,即VREG为0是否可以唤醒四线spi电路 进而唤醒CORE电路?如果采用ISOMODE=VREG模式,在VREG=0即ISO SPI未供电的情况下…
  • RE: LTC6804 异常的GPIO1读数

    GPIO1 can be affected by MUX shoot through glitches. The best workaround is to do a dummy conversion of just GPIO1 (don't bother with the read and it can be the fast filter mode), then do the GPIO conversions. Note that with un-buffered 100k sensors there…

  • Battery management with LTC3300 and LTC6804


    I need to make battery management board for my project.

    I will be using two 3S packs in parallel. In LTC3300 and LTC6804 datasheets there is no info about parallel cell setup.

    My question is do I need separate LTC3300 and LTC6804 for both 3S battery…

  • LTC6804 SPI connection to RPi3


    I'm trying to make SPI connection between LTC6804-1 and Raspberry Pi3 Model B; I'm new to SPI and I encountered with a couple of questions:

    1- If I want to make SPI connection through MATLAB, then the speeds that I can set for SPI, start…

  • LTC6804-2 cannot be written

    I'm designing a battery management system for automobiles. I use the chip LTC6804-2. I can read battery voltage, GPIO data and configuration data, but I can't write configuration data.
    I also purchased the DEMO test board of LTC6804-2, including…