• LTC6560 Noise figure


    Any body knows what is the Noise figure of LTC6560 (with an APD with 4pF total input capacitance)?


  • LTC6560

    How to check that LTC6560 is properly grounded via thermal pad? I put one pull down resistor-60Kohm to input (Din), but the voltage at this pin is still showing is 1.5 Volt !!! I am using this IC for APD with positive bias. (equal to Vref-pin of IC),…

  • LTC6560 range walk error

    Hi ADI expert,

    I have a LIDAR application and my signal chain like as: APD-->LTC6560 --> Comparator --> FPGA.

    Since to LTC6560 showed output response time different when small or larger current input, usually called range walk error. Pls refer…

  • Ask questions about LTC6560


    Now a customer uses the reference design figure 3 in the datasheet, and the bias supply is -40V for the APD, the APD input capacitance is about 2.5pF. Compared to DC input and AC output, when used as AC input and AC output, the output noise will…

  • RE: LTC6560

    Hi again after a long time,

    I implemented the design recently. But unfortunately, the output I obtained from LTC6560 is not as desired. I shared the schematic of the design and the PIN photodiode I use is ODD-5W. The problem is that the output of LTC6560…

  • LTC6560 with positive biased APD

    Hi together,

    at the moment were busy designing a OTDR application. Because of the high trans impedance gain we thought  of LTC6560 which is suitable for LIDAR application.

    Datasheet on page 14 states:

    So we decided to use a positive biased ADP which…

  • Macro SPICE model for LTC6561 or LTC6560

    Hi ADI experts,

    Can you provide me with a macro model of LTC6561 or LTC6560 so that I can simulate the parts in a simulator other than LTSPICE?


  • LTC6560 with substantial input capacitance (MPPC)


    at first glance, the LTC6560 TIA seem very attractive also for single pulse processing of Multi Pixel Photon Counters (MPPC), e.g https://sensl.com/products/c-series/. But even the smallest MPPCs have input capacitance of about 100 pF, 50 times…

  • Narrow pulse detection


    We use a SI PIN diode. We want to detect the incoming signal using a transempedance amplifier. The incoming signal is a pulse. The pulse width is 10 ns. İnput current is 20uA. The frequency range is 50 - 100 MHz.

    1)Would you recommend an amplifier…

  • RE: HMC799