• LTC6409 DC-Coupling


    In the Simulation-Demo (LT-Spice) and in this Thread the LTC6409's single ended input is DC-coupled.
    Will this circuit work with Devices which have a non biased output voltage (Vcom=0V, no DC-offset)?
    I want to connect the IFout from a passive…

  • LTC6409 resistor calculation


    I have a circuit as shown below: (configured as a differential amplifier)

    now I have a single ended source and I  want to apply it to the first input port. can I use a 50 Ohm terminator instead of second source?


  • ibis model for LTC6409 input


    I know an ibis model does not exist for this device LTC6409. What is your recommendation to model the input of the LTC6409 while checking for SI issues on a board?



  • Choosing a bypass capacitors for LTC6409


    Our customer is designing an RF application with using differential amplifier LTC6409 for driving ADC.

    Together with this amplifier they use feedback capacitors Cf in the parallel with feedback resistor.

    In the datasheet it is mentioned that a…

  • Spice models or S-Parameters for LTC6409 and LTC2208

    Hi EZ team,

    My customer is using LTC6409 for driving LTC2208 and need to simulate between these devices including the PCB trace with Keysight ADS. I have tried to find out the Spice models or S-Parameters in ADI web site but can't find out them.

  • Improving Linearity by Using Absorptive Filters

    When driving a direct sampling high speed ADC, the most likely place to degrade the performance is the interface between the final amplifier and the ADC.  With any direct sampling ADC there will be nonlinear charge produced in the sampling process. This…

  • ADC driver for AD9694

    Dear experts,

    We are looking for a single ended to differential amplifier to drive AD9694. We searched and found

    LTC6409. We'd like to have DC-coupled.  For the anti-aliasing filter, can we still use the recommended

    circuit on AD9694 datasheet which…

  • LTC5585 output bias resistor value


    I am designing an I/Q Zero IF downconverter using an LTC5585 and amplifier LTC6409 to drive an A/D. The datasheet of the Mixer LTC5585 says  that an output pull-up resistor should be included to guarantee a DC bias voltage of Vcc-1.5V, in my case…

  • RE: anti aliasing filter for an ADC

    The AD9248 has a common mode voltage that is 3.3V/2 = 1.65, the LTC6409 can easily provide that and do a gain of 10 and do a single ended to differential conversion.  


    The filter you have picked out from mini circuits should be ok, but only before the…

  • ADI工程师博客分享——利用吸收式滤波器提高线性度

    作者: Clarence.Mayott

    驱动直接采样高速ADC时,最有可能降低性能的地方是最终放大器与ADC之间的接口。任何直接采样ADC都会在采样过程中产生非线性电荷。每次采样开关闭合时,此电荷就会反射到输入网络中。如果不加以衰减,它会反射回ADC且被重新采样,致使ADC的失真或交调失真性能下降。ADC的输入网络应尽可能接近50 Ω,以便最大限度地吸收此非线性电荷。使用高吸收性滤波器可抑制采样过程中产生的非线性信号音,从而改善SFDR。