• LTC6404 - Exposed Pad


    I am wondering where to connect the Exposed Pad to? The datasheet says connect to V- and do not connect to ground if split power supplies are used. (But Ground and V- are the same in my design)

    My design has the same power source connected to…

  • LTC6404-1 Not gain stable at all


    I am having issues with the LTC6404-1.

    Following pictures shows my setup:

    By reading the datasheet and device description I thought that it should provide a stable 1:1 Gain at the output in reference to the input.

    I want to input 0.5Vp differential…

  • LTC6404 input circuit

    Dear Sir or Madam 

    I am implementing my design with LTC6404-2 , and not sure if the  circuits  will  work well , especially about the input part , where switches are inserted  between  the input resistors (R1,R2)  and feedback resistors(R5 , R6) ,  Besides ,…

  • Questions about LTC6404-1

    Dear sir or Madam 

    Can LTC6404-1 be used as  half unity gain(0.5V/V)   ?

    best regards ,


  • LTC6404-1 maximum output swing


    What is the maximum output swing I can get without clipping with a 3.3V / GND asymetrical supply ? I found the datasheet confusing on this point.

    I read on datasheet page 4 that minimum V_OUTCMR is 1.1V. Does it mean that I will get clipping if (V_OUT…

  • LTC 6404 extended voltage range


    I have differential input signal with Vcm=0.9V, Vpp=1.0V i.e. actually span from 0.4V~1.4V.

    I want to use LTC6404-2 with close loop gain set to 2V/V then pass the signal to AD9633 for sampling; however, this will require a span from -0.1V to 1.9V…

  • LO Bleed-through with ADL5375


    I have a single ended signals transmitted from an AC coupled DAC. The DAC has 4 outputs and I am using 2 of the outputs as I and Q (90 degrees offset).  In order to drive the ADL5375-15 modulator with a DC biased differential input I am using  2 x DC1147…

  • RE: interface the TxDAC AD9709 output to Mixer IF HMC1056LP4BE


    unfortunately, I have not received an answer. However, it is necessary.But Now we are planning to use LTC6404-2 for conversion of Baseband digital data to analog I/Q data.
    Regards, Tetiana
  • RE: What would be the best FDA for AD9690-500

    Hi Ramfar,

    LTC6404-4 is one FDA capable of driving AD9690-500 (~2Vpp diff out, 2.06V CM, 14 bit specs) running off of 5V or even 3.3V supplies. You can see the operation using LTspice as shown below:

    LT6404-4 AD9690 FDA driver EZ 9_4_19.zip

    However, the…

  • RE: I am designing a circuit for driving a differential input ADC. As operational amplifier I use LTC 6254. My design works fine when simulating in LT Spice. However, when it comes to analyzing one of my outputs using a spectrum analyzer voltage level...

    Yes my input signal is always below 5MHz.
    I have looked through the differential amplifiers you suggested  AD8139,    LTC6404-1,  ADA4940,  LT1994.
    One other requirement in my design is that the input source is a high impedance…