• LTC6401 Appropriate Supply Voltage for Output Common Mode

    I'd like to use an LTC6401-14 to drive the LTC2207 ADC. I have an ac-coupled differential input.

    In LTSpice, the output common mode voltage is not being pulled to Vocm (1.25V) when the supply voltage is set to +/- 1.5 V (gets to 200 mV). If I set…

  • 关于LTC6401-20做IF放大模块使用问题


  • ADV7611 with RGB 8:8:8  8bit output


    using ADV7611 with 8-bit YCbCr BT656 mode VID_STD=0x8, PRIM_MODE_GRAPHICS, 60Hz, OP_FORMAT_SEL=0   I can receive 640x480 progres 60Hz video.

    I would like to increase color depth received by uC from present 16bits to 24bits.

    It could be done by receiving…

  • is there any IC convert CVBS -> RGB24(8:8:8) but in LQFP or FQFP

    Is there any IC, that can convert CVBS -> RGB24(8:8:8).

    But in LQFP or, FQFP Package.

    Unfortunately I can not work with BGA :-(

  • ADV7611  Scripts for HDMI input -> ADV7611 -> RGB 8:8:8 (24 bit SDR 444 Mode 0)


    i'm using ADV7611 for Hdmi input, RGB 888 output.

    i have some question.

    Q1. I was send to ADV7611 {0x98, 0xFF, 0x80 } for reset i2C. but i can't receive ack from ADV7611.

        other setting, received.. why ??

    Q2. my configuration this.. is…

  • AD7124-8 Decouplig voltage pin 24


    We are using the AD7124-8 with ± 1.8V power. On pin 24 I find a voltage of 0.105 V and as I see it must be 1.8 V aproximately. I have changed the decoupling capacitor and the voltage does not change. What could be the problem? The readings on the…

  • 8 RDTtemperature sensors connection to AD7124-8. possible?

    Hello experts:

    I am looking for a way to connect 8 RDT temperature sensors to AD7124-8.

    I am doing it today with an external analog multiplexer and RTD reader module.

    I would like to change the design to one main chip only and AD7124-8 seems to be able…

  • RE: AD7124-8


    This forum uses English language. Please repost your question in English or you may use the Engineer zone China. You can post your question in the link below.




  • RE: ADSP-SC589 EZ-Board with CLD Audio 2.0 with 8 input channels and 8 output channels

    We got it working by making changes to the clock source descriptors.

    The bmControls field needs to be changed to 0x01 instead of 0x00. This gives following descriptor

    static const unsigned char user_audio_unit_and_terminal_descriptor[] =  /*!< USB Audio…

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