• RE: anti aliasing filter for an ADC


    I simulated the LPF (using non-ideal parts), the result was terrible and dependent on the components' company! I think I should buy some filters from mini-circuit company.

    I found LTC6400-26 with the fixed gain at 20dB.

    But when I simulated…

  • RE: Amplifying DDS DAC output without using transformer

    Don't use one output. You will get lots of clock feedthrough and junk. Whatever you do, make sure to use the differential outputs to cancel this junk.

    Most op amps don't have the bandwidth and slew rate to keep the 9910's nice SFDR. You might ask…

  • ADV7611 with RGB 8:8:8  8bit output


    using ADV7611 with 8-bit YCbCr BT656 mode VID_STD=0x8, PRIM_MODE_GRAPHICS, 60Hz, OP_FORMAT_SEL=0   I can receive 640x480 progres 60Hz video.

    I would like to increase color depth received by uC from present 16bits to 24bits.

    It could be done by receiving…

  • is there any IC convert CVBS -> RGB24(8:8:8) but in LQFP or FQFP

    Is there any IC, that can convert CVBS -> RGB24(8:8:8).

    But in LQFP or, FQFP Package.

    Unfortunately I can not work with BGA :-(

  • AD7173-8


  • AD7173-8 Floating Pins

    I'm intending to use the AD7173-8 in a design and have several unused pins which I'm wondering how to handle. The pins are as follows below. Please advise. 







  • AD7124-8

    Hi I am using AD7124-8.i have set only channel0 .  RDY  bit  Bit 7  of  STATUS REGISTER  never goes low after first  time i read data register.  for first time it shows 0 status .but once i read  data register then sets and  never goes to zero .  can you explain…

  • AD7091R-8

    I'm trying to set up communication with AD7091R-8. In setup I send following SPI command: 0X0CFF, 0X08FF, 0XFFFF, 0XFFFF, 0X00FF. Then I periodically send 0X0020 and I'm trying to read channel 5. I'd like to read one channeland them sequential readings…

  • AD1933 8-Channel DAC


    I'm working with ADSP-SC584 Sharc DSP.

    Is there any BSP support for AD1933 8-Channel DAC?

    This DAC is not part of EZ KIT.


  • Problem with AD7124-8 continuous conversion

    When using continuous conversion mode the automatic sequencing of channels seems not to work. I'm getting right values but the sequence is wrong. I've enabled channels 0-3. When reading data multiple times I'm sometimes getting 3 values from channel 1…