• RE: Amplifying DDS DAC output without using transformer

    Don't use one output. You will get lots of clock feedthrough and junk. Whatever you do, make sure to use the differential outputs to cancel this junk.

    Most op amps don't have the bandwidth and slew rate to keep the 9910's nice SFDR. You might ask…

  • RE: anti aliasing filter for an ADC


    I simulated the LPF (using non-ideal parts), the result was terrible and dependent on the components' company! I think I should buy some filters from mini-circuit company.

    I found LTC6400-26 with the fixed gain at 20dB.

    But when I simulated…

  • RE: 14-bit DTS

    This question has been closed by the EZ team and is assumed answered.
  • LTC2258-14 No output or CLKOUT

    We are trying to use the ltc2258-14 with the serial programming mode, Double data rate CMOS.  We can not get any output on the clkout line or any of the data lines.  We have also been unable to read any of the mode registers.

    Any thoughts as to why we wouldn…

  • 2011-01-10 14:14:47     workqueue

    2011-01-10 14:14:47     workqueue

    Chris Brissette (UNITED STATES)

    Message: 97302   

    I have been hunting a random lockup, happens about once a week. Seems like it has something to do with the using the ttybf1 uart.  I have been looking to where workqueue…

  • [LTM9006-14]

    The Vcm on My Demo board DC1751 doesn't have output,is it wrong?And what the output type of FR and DCO ?LVDS?

  • RE: Tcyc of LTC2310-14

    Tcyc max is a carryover from ADCs that use the SCK to perform the conversion. If 1/Fsck was too long, the hold capacitor would start to lose charge through leakage and the conversion result would lose accuracy. The LTC2310-14 has an internal clock to…

  • LTC2256-14 hold time


    Could You please clear some things for me:

    The datasheet for the device stated that the conversion starts at the rising edge of ENC+ signal.

    Is the sample-hold internal capacitor fed with input signal during whole high time of ENC signal or for some…

  • 2011-06-14 08:14:33     Error in g_zero? (Gadget usb)

    2011-06-14 08:14:33     Error in g_zero? (Gadget usb)

    Morten Kvistgaard (DENMARK)

    Message: 101253   

    Hello there,

    We're trying to implement some device side usb on BF526 ezbrd. We can make the g_serial work. But the MS Windows driver for that one has…