• LTC6373 Output Amplifier Supply


    the LTC6373 has a nice option with the V+OUT pin for the supply of the output amplifier, where one can have a high supply voltage like +-15V for the input amplifiers in order to have a large input voltage range, and have a lower supply voltage for…

  • RE: SNR of AD7768-1 with AD8250 at 48 kHz input frequency


    thanks for indicating the LTC6373, a great device.
    But why didn't you add a gain of 0.2?
    This would allow using it directly with ADCs that have a 4.096V reference.

    Unfortunately, Precision Studio does not support SNR calculation for the LTC6373…

  • Some problems about instrumental amplifierLTC6373

    Hi, everyone:

    LTC6373 is a fullly differentially input and output instrumental amplifier. I want to use it to remove the common mode noise of the voltage supply. 

    For test, I give a sin wave voltage between Vin+ and Vin-(Vin- is connected to ground),…

  • RE: LTC2053仪表放大器单电源放大高输出阻抗差分源电路问题

    如果输入信号阻抗比较大,同时你又需要高增益, 我觉得 低偏流的仪表放大器是更好的选择.因为运放输入端的偏流会乘以你的信号输入阻抗,产生一个失调的电压,从而影响你的输出误差,  你可以参考AD8220和LTC6373 这样的仪表放大器.,其输入偏流仅为10pA. 这样可以有效降低输入等效阻抗的影响.

  • AD7134: FAQs

    Q1. What anti-alias filter is required for AD7134?

    The architecture of AD7134 offers excellent attenuation of out of band high frequencies providing 102 dB inherent Alias rejection which caters for most of the application requirements.

    Along with the…