• Amplifier similar to LTC6373

    I would ideally like to use the LTC6373 as the buffer amplifier to the ADAQ4003, but it is not available for at least 4 months.  Is there an amplifier that is similar? For reference, it needs to be very low noise, differential output, able to be supplied…

  • Dual LTC6373 (in series) driving AD4134 channel

    Hi experts,

    We are designing a data acquisition system with multiple wide-range analog inputs into several AD4134 ADCs (16 channels in all).

    We are considering the LTC6373 as front-end PGA and ADC driver but we need more than X16 gain as we need to cover…

  • Why use another FDA (ADA4954-1) in CN0535 as LTC6373 has capability to drive ADC too?


    In the reference design CN0535, between the LTC6373 and AD7768-1, there is another FDA. As PGIA 6373 has differential output too, why use the ADA4954-1 here? Only for the AAF?


  • 关于 CN0535 中 LTC6373 的输出共模电压


    在参考设计 CN0535 中,R11 为 DNI,即输出共模电压为 0,而后级 ADA4945 为单电源供电,这样的默认配置没有问题?


  • LTC6373 slew rate and settling time information


          May I consult you experts about the slew rate and settling time other than Gain=16?

          In datasheet, we could only find the data specified at gain=16.

          How does it perform in other gains (eg. gain=0.25 and gain=0.5)?

          Would you mind provide…

  • RE: LTC6373 Output Amplifier Supply

    The LTC6373 is a fully differential output, which is why the two outputs will always be symmetrical around Vocm; therefore, it's not possible for one output to swing more than the other. 

    So if the more positive output goes into limitation because…

  • Stable gain with diferent frequency

    Dear all,
    I would like to use LTC6373 in our measurement system with frequency range from 10Hz to around 1MHz and I would like to ask three more komplex questions (at least for me to explain them).
    1: In datasheet is of LTC6373 stated that it is possible…

  • Considerations when designing a true bipolar fully differential output ADC Driver


    This KWIK (Know-how With Integrated Knowledge) Circuit FAQ is a step-by-step guide that goes through the key considerations when designing a true bipolar fully differential output ADC Driver.

    The circuit highlighted in the note consists of a…
  • Some problems about instrumental amplifierLTC6373

    Hi, everyone:

    LTC6373 is a fullly differentially input and output instrumental amplifier. I want to use it to remove the common mode noise of the voltage supply. 

    For test, I give a sin wave voltage between Vin+ and Vin-(Vin- is connected to ground),…

  • RE: SNR of AD7768-1 with AD8250 at 48 kHz input frequency


    thanks for indicating the LTC6373, a great device.
    But why didn't you add a gain of 0.2?
    This would allow using it directly with ADCs that have a 4.096V reference.

    Unfortunately, Precision Studio does not support SNR calculation for the LTC6373…