• RE: LTC2500-32

    A single LTC6363 as shown on the back page of the LTC2500 data sheet should be adequate to set the gain and provide anti-alias filtering. If a higher order antialias filter is desired see https://www.analog.com/en/technical-articles/anti-alias-filter…


    Hi Sidiq,

    You can use a fully differential amplifier like the LTC6363 or ADA4940 to perform this function. This will allow you to use the full range of the AD7768. Please note you will need to use a 5V reference such as ADR4550. The picture included…

  • LTC6363 single-ended to differential

    We try to use LTC6363 to convert the input single-ended signal into a differential signal. The Gain factor was calculated to be 1, but the actual measured gain factor was 0.7. The resistor we used is LT5400-5, an 1MΩ resister pack. Could you help me solve…

  • RE: How to measure a single-ended +/-10V signal with the AD7768-1?

    Hi Niels,

    Please see this post which has some relevant information. https://ez.analog.com/data_converters/precision_adcs/f/q-a/99753/ad7768-8-channel-adc-can-support-single-end---bipolar-input 


    I would suggest looking at the LTC6363 to drive the ADC.

  • RE: Single ended to differential conversion using LTC6363

    Hello Amey,

    The inputs of the Class-D amp are most likely sitting up at a common mode reference voltage. So when you ground it you get a pop. So you need to "ground" the reference pin (the "-" pin) through a capacitor to ground instead of directly grounding…

  • Signal conditioning using LTC6363-0.5 with AD7768.

    Hi All ,

    I have an requirement of conditional circuit, to process analog to digital conversion.

    The signal comes from hydrophone with 8 channel analog input (Differential - bipolar signal ) with the range of 10Vpp. The waveform may be sin, ramp, square…

  • What input resistance for AD7960?

    I would like to know what would be the maximum recommended resistances to place between an FDA and AD7960 inputs (R3 and R6 on the figure below). I would like to reduce the capacitor value to reduce power consumption of the LTC6363 and increase the resistances…

  • RE: anti-alias-filter for fully differential ADC driver


    There are a variety of topology where you can implement an AAF to the ADC driver. The one in the LTC6363 datasheet happens to be a third order LPF to make a steeper roll-off (60 dB) from the cutoff. There are tools online that could help you design…

  • RE: AFE for AD7768-4


    The recommended drivers for AD7768 are ADA4945-1, ADA4896-2, ADA4940-1 for Fast Power Mode; ADA4945-1, LTC6363, ADA4805-2 for Low Power Mode; and ADA4945-1, ADA4807-2, ADA4940-1 for Median Power Mode. The AD7768 can operate up to 5V analog supply so…

  • Diff-Amp Calculator bugs running on german Windows(7) version?


    I have recently installed the Diff-Amp Calculator. But there seems to be a mess-up of decimal point and thousands comma (English) versa decimal comma and thousands point (German & EU).
    The calculator starts up with weird values - see screenshot…