• LTC6269-10 as inverting amplifier


    I am using one half of the LTC6269-10 as a transimpedance amplifier. I want to use the other half of the device a an inverting amplifier with a gain of factor ~40.

    How to choose the resistors in terms of minimal noise?

    Thank you



  • LTC6269 crosstalk

    LTC6269: No information concerning crosstalk or channel- to-channel isolation is given in the datasheet. Could you please provide such a number?

  • LTC6269 gain

    LTC6268 datasheet,  Electrical Characteristics tables on pages 4 and 5 say that the typical open loop voltage gain is about 20 V/mv (for RL = 100 Ohm) and about 250 V/mv (for RL = 10 kOhm). However, what is supposedly the open loop gain and phase response…

  • LTC6269 output oscillate


    I am using a LTC6269 as the attached pic for a DC circuit and it oscillate on output by 600KHz around the DC output value.

    for CF i found some calculation on datasheet and used 0.5pF , 1.0pF , 2.0pF , 10pF but the problem still exist.

    i need to have…

  • LTC6269-10 Supports 100 ohm feedback resistance

    I am building light balancing circuit.  For higher bandwidth, I need lower feedback resistance (i.e) 100 ohm.  When I use feedback resistance of 100 ohm and feedback capacitance of 2 pF. I am facing ringing effect. So, how do we select the capacitance according…

  • Pspice for LTC6268 and LTC6269-10


    Is there a Pspice model for this  component LTC6268 and LTC6269-10,

    as I would like to simulate in other software.

    Thank you

  • LTC6269-10 Dev board

    Does anyone know where to find a dev board for LTC6269-10? I am trying to create a practical differentiator circuit 


  • 使用LTC6269作为跨阻放大器,上一级接的是电压跟随器,空载时,电压跟随器输出正常(±10mv)。但是接上待测电阻后接到阻抗放大电路后,上一级的电压跟随器输出抬压(20mV~mV)。



  • Need LTC6269-10 and LTC6754 SPICE /  IBIS Models

    We have LTC6269-10 IC as TIA in one of our electro optic circuits followed by a high speed LTC6754 comparator we want to do Signal integrity analysis on the design but unable to because of un availability of spice and ibis models of mentioned ICs


  • Why has the LTC6269 disappeared from the Photodiode Design Wizard?

    I was going to go back to revisit my model to debug some things but this chip seems to have disappeared in the past few months. Is it being phased out?  It was the recommended solution for my parameters.  It seems to give the best performance in terms of…