• RE: LTC6269 crosstalk

    Hi luminal101:  The LTC6269 is literally 2 LTC6268's that have not been sawn apart.  They share no circuitry whatsoever.  The only things they do share is the pins, where the bond wires meet.  All aspects of crosstalk / isolation should be exceptionally…

  • LTC6269 gain

    LTC6268 datasheet,  Electrical Characteristics tables on pages 4 and 5 say that the typical open loop voltage gain is about 20 V/mv (for RL = 100 Ohm) and about 250 V/mv (for RL = 10 kOhm). However, what is supposedly the open loop gain and phase response…

  • LTC6269 output oscillate


    I am using a LTC6269 as the attached pic for a DC circuit and it oscillate on output by 600KHz around the DC output value.

    for CF i found some calculation on datasheet and used 0.5pF , 1.0pF , 2.0pF , 10pF but the problem still exist.

    i need to have…

  • Pspice for LTC6268 and LTC6269-10


    Is there a Pspice model for this  component LTC6268 and LTC6269-10,

    as I would like to simulate in other software.

    Thank you

  • LTC6269-10 Dev board

    Does anyone know where to find a dev board for LTC6269-10? I am trying to create a practical differentiator circuit 


  • Need LTC6269-10 and LTC6754 SPICE /  IBIS Models

    We have LTC6269-10 IC as TIA in one of our electro optic circuits followed by a high speed LTC6754 comparator we want to do Signal integrity analysis on the design but unable to because of un availability of spice and ibis models of mentioned ICs


  • LTC6269-10 Supports 100 ohm feedback resistance

    I am building light balancing circuit.  For higher bandwidth, I need lower feedback resistance (i.e) 100 ohm.  When I use feedback resistance of 100 ohm and feedback capacitance of 2 pF. I am facing ringing effect. So, how do we select the capacitance according…

  • RE: Why has the LTC6269 disappeared from the Photodiode Design Wizard?

    LTC6269 should now be back.  Let me know if you run into any issues.

  • 使用LTC6269作为跨阻放大器,上一级接的是电压跟随器,空载时,电压跟随器输出正常(±10mv)。但是接上待测电阻后接到阻抗放大电路后,上一级的电压跟随器输出抬压(20mV~mV)。



  • SPICE模型