• RE: LTC6268-10 input offset higher than specified?

    I sent an email to the AD technical support with all simulations etc, I'm attaching the simulation here too with results.

    I have changed a bit my mind. I don't think that the issue is related to the input bias, but to a not proper linear working region…

  • RE: TIA LTC6268-10 input overdrive - this is bad?

    Hi, Jino
    The fact is that the sensitivity of the TIA is very important for me. I'm going to do the maximum possible amplification that the frequency band will allow me. The theory says that the greater the gain on the TIA…
  • RE: Pspice for LTC6268 and LTC6269-10

    Hi Sisamyo:  the LTC6268 and LTC6268-10 LTspice models are available in the LTspice directories under /lib/sub in the "LTC2.lib" file.   I do not know to what extent they are compatible with Pspice.

  • LTC6268-10 Active Probe Adaptation and looking for a word of advice...

    Hello Dear Scientists/Engineers,

    good morning,

    I was wondering if the circuit from the LTC6268-10 could be adapted to measure voltage 100V pp. also to include with an offset of -2.5V on its output 0...5V or 0...3.3V, so that it also can be hooked up…

  • LTC6268 input bias current vs. Temperature


    The graph provided for LTC6268 input bias current vs. temperature does not allow me to see values at temperatures below 50C. Is there a table I can get with the values shown in this graph? I need low bias current, but only up to 45 or 50C and the…

  • LTC6268 layout for controlled capacitance

    We would like to use the LTC6268 or LTC6268-10 for a charge-sensitive amplifier application, essentially an integrator with a large resistor in parallel with the feedback cap.

    The input signal is an approximately 100ns wide pulse of 10s to 100s of femtocoulombs…

  • ltc6268

    Hi team,

    I would like to use LTSPICE software to simulate LTC6268. But I do not know how to use the LTSPICE software. Would you send me some documents and

    some videos that can teach me how to use it?

  • LTC6268 - Maximum achievable transimpedance gain


    What is the maximum achievable transimpedance gain with LTC6268. I wish to design a TIA to amplify a current pulse whose magnitude is around 100 pA and FWHM (full width half maximum) of the pulse is around 0.2 ms for which the rise time expectation…

  • LTC6268 behavior during recovery

    I am attempting to reset the capacitor of an integrator circuit by shutting down the chip (driving pin 8 with a 4 usec low-active pulse) and pulling the output down with a 10K resistor (capacitor is 3.3 pF). Discharge of the capacitor should occur through…