• LTC6268 layout for controlled capacitance

    We would like to use the LTC6268 or LTC6268-10 for a charge-sensitive amplifier application, essentially an integrator with a large resistor in parallel with the feedback cap.

    The input signal is an approximately 100ns wide pulse of 10s to 100s of femtocoulombs…

  • LTC6268-10芯片



  • LTC6268-10 output oscillating

    Hi engineer :

     The scheme is as follows:

    Then I test the J11 signal.The J10 is not connect anything.

    But the waveform is like this.What are wrong.The input or the power?

    Then can I use LT3092 to test the TIA circuit.

    Connect J3 to TIA's J10.Looking…

  • LTC 6268-10 The bandwidth seems to be different from the datasheet.


    I turned to Bandwidth simulation in LTSPICE to use the LTC6268-10, but the result was different from the datasheet.

    We want to implement a circuit with a bandwidth of 100MHz or more in the form of a transimpedance amplifier.

    The LTC6268-10 datasheet…

  • RE: I am designing a circuit for driving a differential input ADC. As operational amplifier I use LTC 6254. My design works fine when simulating in LT Spice. However, when it comes to analyzing one of my outputs using a spectrum analyzer voltage level...


    You would at least need an amplifier with a THD of -72 dBc at fin= 5 MHz,  a much faster op amp would do so. Here are the possible choices: LTC6268/LTC6269, and ADA4857. Take note that ADA4857 runs at 5V and LTC6268/9 can run at 3.3 V. Also, reconsider…

  • LTC6268 - Maximum achievable transimpedance gain


    What is the maximum achievable transimpedance gain with LTC6268. I wish to design a TIA to amplify a current pulse whose magnitude is around 100 pA and FWHM (full width half maximum) of the pulse is around 0.2 ms for which the rise time expectation…

  • 如何理解跨阻放大器的增益带宽积?







  • RE: High-bandwidth amplifier for avalanche diode

    Hi kazspore:  If the APD has fairly low capacitance, then the LTC6268-10 can be used in applications up to about 400MHz.

    We also have dedicated TIA's such as HMC799, with a 1GHz data rate, but the gain is 10k Ohms.

  • RE: ADA4817-1/2

    Hi Premsagar,

    ADA4817 would work but it requires a minimum Vs=5V. The closest fit for your application is LTC6268. Let me know if this works. Also, could you share what your application is?



  • RE: LTC6269-10 Dev board


    Unfortunately we only have the evaluation board for LTC6268 family. It is a bare unpopulated board, with 3 channels, all for transimpedance amplifiers, with different layouts for more or less feedback capacitance. 

    Evaluation board link.