• ltc6268

    Hi team,

    I would like to use LTSPICE software to simulate LTC6268. But I do not know how to use the LTSPICE software. Would you send me some documents and

    some videos that can teach me how to use it?

  • RE: LTC6268-10

    I am not sure about the JFET and TIA, but you need to pay much attention about the consistency of the 2 photodiodes when designing balanced detector. the balanced detector is used a lot in interferometer receivers that the 2 PDs will cancel out the DC…

  • LTC6268 layout for controlled capacitance

    We would like to use the LTC6268 or LTC6268-10 for a charge-sensitive amplifier application, essentially an integrator with a large resistor in parallel with the feedback cap.

    The input signal is an approximately 100ns wide pulse of 10s to 100s of femtocoulombs…

  • LTC6268-10芯片



  • Pspice for LTC6268 and LTC6269-10


    Is there a Pspice model for this  component LTC6268 and LTC6269-10,

    as I would like to simulate in other software.

    Thank you

  • LTC6268-10 1khz bandwith application


    Iı am new in this forum. It is very nice to be able to ask questions. Thank you in advance. 

    I bought LTC6268-10 for a trans-impedance amplifier application for LIDAR. The laser emits in 10ns pulse and bandwidth of the laser is 1 khz. I have chosen…

  • LTC6268-10 propagation delay time

    Hi engineers:

    I use the LTC6268-10 as Photomultiplier Tube Post-Amplifier.The scheme as follows.

    Example waveform from LTC6268-10 datasheet.

    What is the delay between input and output?I test it about 10ns,is it right?Is there a nominal value?Thank you…

  • LTC6268 behavior during recovery

    I am attempting to reset the capacitor of an integrator circuit by shutting down the chip (driving pin 8 with a 4 usec low-active pulse) and pulling the output down with a 10K resistor (capacitor is 3.3 pF). Discharge of the capacitor should occur through…

  • RE: LTC6268-10 output oscillating

    Hi Jino:

    I test my TIA circuit.The scheme of LTC6268 is as follow:

    And the waveform is like this.

    By adjusting the feedback resistance and feedback capacitance.  The oscillation cannot be lowered.Can you help me to eliminate the oscillations?

    The LTC6268…