• RE: LTC6268-10 parasitic capacitance

    Hello Mikhail,

    The methods described on pages 14 and 15 of the datasheet are already good techniques to reduce the parasitic capacitance. 

    In addition to these, you can also be guided by the capacitance relationship below:
    Capacitance ∝ [(Overlapping area of…

  • RE: LTC6268-10 1khz bandwith application

    Hi ,

    Sorry about the late reply!

    The Analog photodiode wizard tool computes the peak diode current, in the example you've attached, simply as the following assuming 100mW/m^2 Peak light intensity:


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      The graph provided for LTC6268 input bias current vs. temperature does not allow me to see values at temperatures below 50C. Is there a table I can get with the values shown in this graph? I need low bias current, but only up to 45 or 50C and the…

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      I want to implement a simple peak detector with a precision diode. I am using the LTC6268-10 to implement the >10 MHz precision diode due to its low input capacitance. However, I would like to increase the voltage supply to +-5V. Thus, I am looking…

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      For a research project I am working on I need to use the LTC6268-10 op-amp. In my project I need to reduce the parasitic capacitance as much as possible. As a result, I am trying to get bare-die of this op-amp and directly wirebond it to another…

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    • RE: LTC6268-10

      I am not sure about the JFET and TIA, but you need to pay much attention about the consistency of the 2 photodiodes when designing balanced detector. the balanced detector is used a lot in interferometer receivers that the 2 PDs will cancel out the DC…

    • RE: LTC6268-10: Input Capacitance & Input Bias Current in LTspice

      Hi! Thank you so much, you're right, I didn't correctly consider the input impedance; that explains the distortion for high-impedance sources. Sorry the late reply

    • LTC6268-10 feedback capacitance mitigation with single supply


      I'm designing a transimpedance amplifier based on LTC6268-10 amplifier.
      I read through the documentation and I saw the DC2414A design files, so I understand that to lower the parasitic capacitance of the feedback resistor placing a ground trace…