• ltc6268

    Hi team,

    I would like to use LTSPICE software to simulate LTC6268. But I do not know how to use the LTSPICE software. Would you send me some documents and

    some videos that can teach me how to use it?

  • RE: Working with Avalanche photo diode - Beginner problems

    Hi, Shyam! My name is Mikalay and I'm working on a design similar to yours.
    At the moment I'm studying how the input overdrive of LTC6268-10 can affect the stability of the LTC6268-10 and the output signal from the LTC6268-10.
    My idea is to use…

  • RE: Pspice for LTC6268 and LTC6269-10

    Hi Sisamyo:  the LTC6268 and LTC6268-10 LTspice models are available in the LTspice directories under /lib/sub in the "LTC2.lib" file.   I do not know to what extent they are compatible with Pspice.

  • LTC6268 behavior during recovery

    I am attempting to reset the capacitor of an integrator circuit by shutting down the chip (driving pin 8 with a 4 usec low-active pulse) and pulling the output down with a 10K resistor (capacitor is 3.3 pF). Discharge of the capacitor should occur through…

  • LTC6268-10


    In order to reduce noise, i use a JFET BF862 before the amplifier ltc6268-10,but i find a large offset current in oscilloscope. I want to know how solve it.

  • RE: LTC6268-10 propagation delay time

    Hi:   Actually, the H10720 was the PMT featured in my article on the LTC6268... which you can find here:

    LT Journal V25N2 LTC6268 Brisebois

    I did not measure the delay, as this is usually dominated by the total of the distance of the laser, the PMT, and…

  • RE: LTC6268-10 output oscillating

    Hi Jino:

    I test my TIA circuit.The scheme of LTC6268 is as follow:

    And the waveform is like this.

    By adjusting the feedback resistance and feedback capacitance.  The oscillation cannot be lowered.Can you help me to eliminate the oscillations?

    The LTC6268…

  • LTC6268 - Maximum achievable transimpedance gain


    What is the maximum achievable transimpedance gain with LTC6268. I wish to design a TIA to amplify a current pulse whose magnitude is around 100 pA and FWHM (full width half maximum) of the pulse is around 0.2 ms for which the rise time expectation…

  • LTC 6268-10 The bandwidth seems to be different from the datasheet.


    I turned to Bandwidth simulation in LTSPICE to use the LTC6268-10, but the result was different from the datasheet.

    We want to implement a circuit with a bandwidth of 100MHz or more in the form of a transimpedance amplifier.

    The LTC6268-10 datasheet…