• LTC6228 phase margin


    I'm trying to calculate the phase margin using this circuit:

    But I'm getting a strange phase response (I think):

    Is this phase response right? If so does it mean that the opamp is always stable?

    Thank you,



  • LTC6228 input current noise in LTspice


    I have been checking the input current noise with bias cancellation enabled and disabled. The data sheet shows that with bias cancellation enabled (VSHDN = V+) the current noise is bigger:

    Following fig 3 in the data sheet I made this simulation…

  • RE: 微信爆款系列丨您真的能通过运算放大器实现ppm精度吗?

    高速放大器 LT1468产品详情:https://www.analog.com/cn/products/lt1468.html



  • RE: LTSPICE noise calculation

    Hi master89,

    I'm not an LTspice specialist. So, I cannot comment on how LTspice keeps track of correlated vs uncorrelated noise, but it does :-) Maybe other people more knowledgeable on this forum about how simulators treat noise can comment?

    To convince…

  • RE: Choice of summing amplifier

    Hi Jim78674,

    Looking for a single supply (input CM to V-), low noise device for your summing application, I'm thinking LTC6228 (0.88nV/RtHz noise, RR output) is a good choice if you can afford the 16mA supply current?

    LT6202 (RRIO) supply current…

  • Scaling and Shifting the Input Signal for Wide Bandwidth Measurements


    This KWIK (Know-how With Integrated Knowledge) Circuit FAQ is a step by step guide that goes through the design of the input stage to an ADC where it discusses the key functions associated with a ADC driver design. This FAQ goes through how to scale…

  • RE: AD8045 and ADA4817 input protection

    Hi Ken,

    American engineers use rules of thumb when designing, and this is something to come to terms with. I also want to draw your attention to the fact that the maximum input current is specified for those amplifiers that have protective diodes between…

  • Bandwidth mismatch between photodiode wizard and LTSpice


    Attached is a design from the photodiode wizard tool. It is a two stage design. When second stage is non-inverting, -3dB bandwidth from the tool (fN) roughly matches with that from LTspice. However, when the second state is inverting, the tool…

  • RE: 超声信号的放大处理方案

    LTC6226和LTC6228 可以考虑,低失调电压和高带宽,要注意你的输入信号是正弦波还是脉冲波形等情况,如果是脉冲波形,需要考虑建立时间,0.35/settlingtime = 实际带宽。另外要根据增益带宽积 实际带宽*增益 = 运放增益带宽积 寻找适合你的运放,