• LTC6228 phase margin


    I'm trying to calculate the phase margin using this circuit:

    But I'm getting a strange phase response (I think):

    Is this phase response right? If so does it mean that the opamp is always stable?

    Thank you,



  • LTC6228 input current noise in LTspice


    I have been checking the input current noise with bias cancellation enabled and disabled. The data sheet shows that with bias cancellation enabled (VSHDN = V+) the current noise is bigger:

    Following fig 3 in the data sheet I made this simulation…

  • RE: 微信爆款系列丨您真的能通过运算放大器实现ppm精度吗?

    高速放大器 LT1468产品详情:https://www.analog.com/cn/products/lt1468.html



  • RE: Choice of summing amplifier

    Hi Jim78674,

    Looking for a single supply (input CM to V-), low noise device for your summing application, I'm thinking LTC6228 (0.88nV/RtHz noise, RR output) is a good choice if you can afford the 16mA supply current?

    LT6202 (RRIO) supply current…

  • RE: AD8045 and ADA4817 input protection

    Hi Ken,

    American engineers use rules of thumb when designing, and this is something to come to terms with. I also want to draw your attention to the fact that the maximum input current is specified for those amplifiers that have protective diodes between…

  • RE: 超声信号的放大处理方案

    LTC6226和LTC6228 可以考虑,低失调电压和高带宽,要注意你的输入信号是正弦波还是脉冲波形等情况,如果是脉冲波形,需要考虑建立时间,0.35/settlingtime = 实际带宽。另外要根据增益带宽积 实际带宽*增益 = 运放增益带宽积 寻找适合你的运放,

  • Bandwidth mismatch between photodiode wizard and LTSpice


    Attached is a design from the photodiode wizard tool. It is a two stage design. When second stage is non-inverting, -3dB bandwidth from the tool (fN) roughly matches with that from LTspice. However, when the second state is inverting, the tool…

  • Amplifying Performance & Versatility

    Electronic amplifiers have been around for over 100 years, first as vacuum tubes then, starting in the 1940s, using transistors. In the 1960s researchers learned how to miniaturize and place dozens of transistors into packages no bigger than a nickel…

  • RE: LT6600-5 Gain Profile

    The LT6600-5 at 18dB passband gain will have a peak gain around 5MHz higher than the 18dB at lower frequencies.

    The LTspice model is not adequate for high gains because the simple model amplifiers do not show the limits of the IC amplifiers.

    At 12dB or…