• LTC6102 or Other Recommendation

    I have an application where I need to measure a current ranging from 10 uA to 50 mA with an accuracy of approximately 1% of the reading.  I have read through many datasheets and have been breadboarding and simulating the LTC6102 which in practice seems…

  • LTC6102 question

    1. If 0.1uF is shorted, Vreg Pin is directly shorted in the 12V, why the IC doesn’t work? This pin has OVP protection? If have protection what is the delay?
    2. What is the voltage rating of Vreg Pin, it is not indicated in the specs as per checking.
  • LTC6102使用问题


  • Current Sense Amp : LTC6102 & AD8219

    Hi ADI Expert,

    We're comparing these two current sense amp and have some questions need your help to check : 

    1. Does LTC6102 include internal LDO as AD8612 shown in block diagram?

    2. Is possible to have AD8219's PSRR curve from 100Hz~1 MHz '…

  • RE: How to use the LTC6102 to measure capacitor charging current from 1uA to 1A at 1000V?

    hi ,

    I find you mention the AD8304, and point out the Figure 10 in datasheet, but AD8304 itself cannot support 1A currnet, and what 1000:1 resistive current divider do you suggest?

  • SEPIC current control

    I have a SEPIC converter application design similar to "LT3759".  I would like to generate a 24V  "fold back" current control with a devices similar to  "LT3759" and "LTC6102".
    The problem with  "LTC6102HV" hides in the…

  • RE: LT6375 offset voltage issue

    Difference amplifiers will have two sources of error-- the Vos and the CMRR. The Vos is specified with a minimal common-mode component so CMRR can be neglected. In a current-sense application, there will generally be a significant common-mode applied…

  • ADI 全新中文资料(2020 年 6 月)

  • 反馈、感知、控制、连接,多领域ADI智能运动控制产品大起底!

    随着经济的发展,许多机器设计应用对运动控制产品的需求增加了。根据IHS Markit 对全球运动控制市场的研究,预计全球运动控制市场从2018 年到2022年将以7%的复合年增长率增长,到2022 年将达到205 亿美元。不同的市场,有不同的期望和需求,这也迫使供应商保持适当的灵活性。对此,ADI在智能运动控制领域推出了全套的解决方案,覆盖整个制造流程,以实现更高产出,同时降低能耗,从而达到更可持续的智能制造。下图为ADI用于智能运动控制应用的解决方案。