• LTC6090 Load Capacitance

    in first page of LTC6090 datasheet, it states:" Both amplifiers may be run from a single 140V or spit ±70V power supplies and are capable of driving up to 200pF of load capacitance."

    Does it mean I can not use LTC6090 between the DAC and…

  • LTC6090-5: Able to use in integrator circuit?

    I have been using the LTC6090 op-amp in a simple integrator circuit. Is it possible to use the LTC6090-5 for the same purpose?

  • Do you have any suggestions of the mosfets instead of 2SK1057 and 2SJ161 in the application of LTC6090?


            I'm going to built a pzt driver using LTC6090. Since the cap of the pzt is bigger than 1 uF, it needs servral hundruds of mA

    when output 10 kHz 2vpp voltage.  The datasheet of LTC6090 suggest using 2SK1057 and 2SJ161 as the output stage. However…

  • Operating LTC6090 with unbalanced split supply

    On page 12 of the datasheet (https://www.analog.com/media/en/technical-documentation/data-sheets/6090fe.pdf), it is mentioned that we can use a split supply for the op-amp. Would there be any issue using a split supply with greater voltage on the negative…

  • LTC6090 ADA4700 vOH vOL

    Presently we use the ADA4700 in a system whereby we can produce a very low current draw voltage (between +40 and -40V).  The ADA4700 is driven by a DAC to control the output.  

    When selecting the ADA4700, I took note that "rail to rail" is actually +- 2v…

  • RE: How can I get the PSpice model of the LTC6090, or how to convert the LTspice model to the PSpice model?

    Hi Hooman,

    It's been a while since someone asked about an LTspice model translation to PSPICE for the LTC6090.  Things have changed since then, so, I thought I would ask again.

    I had originally planned to use the ADHV4702-1 for my circuit design; it…

  • LTC6090/LTC6091 as High Voltage buffer front end for SAR ADC

    I would like to use the LTC6090 as a high voltage unity gain buffer into a voltage divider ranging circuit driving the front end to a 24-bit SAR ADC.  I am wondering if I am going to have noise issues using this topology versus directly dividing the voltage…

  • RE: LTC6090: Using TFLAG to drive status LED

    Hi Glen,

    thanks for answering. Unfortunately I got NO notification email.

    So the frankly answer is that there is no way to simply light an LED with the LTC6090's TFLAG pin.
    The intention for this pin is to use it with a microcontroller or some other…

  • LTC6090 Power Dissipation: LTSPice vs. Measurements

    Dear All,

    I want to use the LTC6090H in the following design as a very simple non inverting amplifier to switch between output powers of 0 and 62V.

    The simulation results matches well with our measurements regarding the output voltage (green curve below…

  • LTC6090 LT1006 LTC2057


    I have used these component to design a sinusoidal current generator 0-2Arms 50Hz-2kHz.

    I need to have a very low offset (DC component), max 300-400uA.

    Could you please give me help to low the offset?


    Best Regards