• LTC5597 Output Filter

    Hello ADI!

    The datasheet for the LTC5597 recommends a series RC filter on the output pin to reduce ripple. However, the application circuit in the datasheet shows a parallel RC filter. The eval boards for the LTC5596 / LTC5597 include both a series and…

  • RE: ADL6010 bare die temperature range

    Hello StrmBrkr,

    Just confirming, is it a ADL6010 RF Envelope Detector IC you are looking for? Above I'm seeing Comparator, then Temp sensor. Just checking. 

    We do NOT have 125 deg C die version except for the space-qualified unit as you mention.


  • RE: ADL6010, ADL6012 Envelope Detectors

    Hi sca,

    Sorry about the delay responding to this ...

    Both of the two named devices have decent sensitivity and relatively flat frequency response across X to Ka band spectrum. Keep in mind, these are Schottky detectors, so sensitivity is not going to…

  • Accurately Measuring Power at Very High Frequencies

    One of the greatest challenges facing designers of very high frequency receivers is accurately and quickly determining the strength of the incoming signal. Anyone who enjoys watching a TV show on their favorite streaming service knows the frustration…

  • ADI最近有哪些重点产品?ADC、ISO、Power、RF...都在这里了


    今天,斑竹为大家带来了近期ADI 5款热门器件的盘点~


    同步采样ADC AD7134

    AD7134 是一款四通道、低噪声、同步采样、精密模数转换器 (ADC),具备功能性、高性能和易用性。AD7134 基于连续时间 Σ-Δ (CTSD) 调制方案,使得 Σ-Δ 调制器前面不再需要传统上必需的开关电容电路采样,因而放宽了 ADC 输入驱动要求。CTSD 架构还可固有地抑制 ADC 混叠频带周围的信号,使套件具有固有的抗混叠能力,同时不再需要复杂的外部抗混叠滤波器…

  • Q1: Cannot load COM Module

    If you receive a Cannot load COM module error message when trying to install a driver for a demo board using QuikEval, the following locations can be used to manually install the COM module. After downloading the module, run the installer and the software…

  • RE: Cannot load COM Module

    Hi Guy, 

    Thanks for this. I just copy paste the info here below to close this thread. 

    Part Number DC Board Number Class ID Url
    ADL5920 EvalADL5920 D5596 ltspice.analog.com/.../ins5596.msi
    LT3964 DC2424A D3964 ltspice.analog.com/.../ins3964.…
  • 在新年到来之际,送你一组钻石级硬度的精选硬核产品吧~





    软件可配置的四通道输入/输出 AD74413R