• LTC5596 Oscillation:

    I am seeing a 7.6 MHz oscillation at the detector output when saturating the input of the LTC5596 detector. I have a 15 dB directional coupler providing the input to the detector at the output of a MMIC die. I have no load capacitance and can quiet the…

  • LTC5596 with evaluate software version


    I have a issue about LTC5596 with linduino.

    When I install the evaluate software version is K116, it could identify LTC5596 but couldn't install the LTC5596 GUI.

    It shows message box as below

    Recently the new version release up to K117, I also…

  • RE: LTC5596 DC2870A EVM evaluation SW install issue

    Hi there,

    There is a related EZ post here which might be of help:

     RE: LTC5596 with evaluate software version 

    -Bruce H

  • LTC5596 noise

    I am trying to see if this detector could be used in the IF chain for a heterodyne radiometer application where a square-law detector is commonly used. I don't think the log-linear renders it inappropriate per se.

    I expect to use LNAs before the detector…

  • LTC5596 with linduino board


    I am working on LTC5596 with linduino board and trying implement code in Arduino IDE. I am following the attached link for this.



  • LTC5596 ADS Simulation

    Are there any suggestions to model LTC5596 in ADS or any simulation tool? I'm trying to add LTC5596 performance effect to my system analysis.

  • LTC5596 FLTR capacitor effect


    I am a bit confused about the FLTR capacitor on the LTC5596.

    The LT5596 datasheet states:

    FLTR Interface (Pin 3):

    "Suitable  capacitance  values  are  in  the  range  from  10pF up to 1nF, but the total of feedback and load capacitance (from  OUT 

  • LTC5596


    What is the minimun power to detect out of the Linear Dynamic Range?

    Fo example, at  5.8GHz, the minimun in the  linear region is about -37dBm. Can detect -50dBm out of Liner region?


  • LTC5596 Power detector


    I am using LTC5596 power detector with input frequency range from 500MHz - 18GHz with varying power for every frequency. 

    How does the power detector converts power level to voltage. If you could provide the conversion equation that would be so helpful…

  • Data of LTC5596 output voltages with respect to frequency


    I'm looking for the data of output voltage of LTC5596, with respect to change of Frequency.

    Data sheet has the output voltages data with respect to power levels.

    Can anybody guide me where shall I find this data or any equation to calculate…