• LTC5588-1 modulator LO feedthrough


    The LTC5588-1 is rated up to 6 GHz LO and RF frequency, but LO feedthrough after nulling graphs are only shown up to 3.5 GHz LO frequency. Do you perhaps have data up to 6 GHz? I am specifically looking for the "LO feedthrough to RF output vs LO frequency…

  • LO Feedthru of LTC5588-1 EVM

    As for LTC5588-1 board, Since I had no single-ended to differential converter, The single ended signals I and Q connected to BBIP and BBQP ports with BBIN and BBQN 50 ohm terminated.
    The component f0+fIQ is highly removed, but LO feedthrough is high.…

  • LTC5588-1 and LTC5586 for radar application


    For my final year project, I have to build a Doppler radar system that works in 4 different frequency bands: 433.92 MHz, 915 MHz, 2.4 GHz and 5.8 GHz. I am struggling to come up with a hardware design for the project. I am planning to use the LTC5588…

  • LTC5588-1 LO Feedthrough Distribution at 6GHz


    Please if you can, provide data for the LTC5588-1 LO feedthrough distribution. Similar to graph 55881 G41.

    Thank you

  • LTC5588-1 and LTC5586 IBIS model

    Hi Experts:

    Could you share LTC5588-1 and LTC5586 IBIS model for simulation, thanks!

  • IQ调制解调器像LTC5588-1和ADL5380这类支持5GNR吗



  • LTC5588-1 for 5G application

    Good day,

               Does LTC5588-1 or ADL5375 is suitable for 5G design?

  • RE: Request a reference schematic about connecting betweeb Slave boards with ADI BMS ICs (LTC6802-1/LTC6811-1/LTC6812-1/LTC6813-1)

    Hi Se-woong,

    We currently do not have multi-module configuration evaluation schematic/model. You can follow the application circuit provided in the datasheet of LTC6811-1 (page 79-80). Thank you!



  • LTC9101 DC3159A-A 1/5W and 1/10W resistance


    In the LTC9101-1 EVK DC3159A-A circuits, the data isolator is T1 7490100143.

    The peripheral resistors are 49.9, 10Meg, and 100K ohm. Just wondering the reason you use high power tolerance such as 1/5W and 1/10W resistor ?

    Can we use normal resistors…

  • LTC3114IDHC-1#PBF & LTC3114IDHC-1#WPBF

    Dear Support,

    Good day,

    Please help me on the difference between part numbers below?

    What is the "W" meaning in the part number TC3114IDHC-1#WPBF?