• LTC5586

    I am wondering how can I match the LO and RF signals for this IQ mixer at 150MHz?

  • Some questions anout LTC5586


    I have some question about LTC5586.

    (1) Aer there any manual or document about the adjustment of LTC5586?

         LTC5586 has many adjustment function which are shown table 9 in the datasheet. I would like to know how should we do the adjustment for each…

  • RE: Use LTC5586 as an IQ modulator?

    No, it is not possible to use the LTC5586 as a modulator. The LTC5586 has internal active mixers and If amplifiers, and it is uni-directional. For modulators, please look at this page.

  • RE: Register Settings for LTC5586

    #ifndef _LTC5586_H
    #define _LTC5586_H
    #include <stdint.h>
    #include <math.h>
    const int DEF_FREQ_INDEX = 12;
    const double DEF_FREQ = 2069.9;
    const double INDEX_TO_FREQ[] = {
        300,  339,  398,  419, 556,  625,  801,  831,  1046,

  • FMCDAQ2, AD9523-1, LTC5586/5588 and LO generation

    We are using the FMCDAQ2 for baseband signal processing for 400MHz waveform.  We have LTC5586/5588 as modulator/demodulator.  We will need singe-ended to differential converters between the FMCDAQ2 and the LTC5586/8 parts.  [DC1299A-B]

    An issue we have is…

  • LTC5586 linearity


    testing the DC2349A eval board (setup and curves in the attached file, hoping it is readable)  in RF to base band mode , measurements of phase shift between RF vs LO @ 1GHz on I&Q outputs shows different results in terms of linearity according to…

  • How to optimize LTC5586 OIP3, OIP2?

    In the datasheet of LTC5586 ar a lot of grafics about performance characterisitcs of OIP3 and OIP2.

    I would like to knwo how did you find the register values IM3QY,IM3QX,IM3IY, IM3IX for the "Optimized OIP3 vs Temperatur"?

    Why is there an X and…

  • LTC5586 Eval Software crash


    I was using the LTC5586 Eval software and it was all working but it suddenly stopped to work. I keep getting this error now. I am using Windows 7 64 bit. I tried reinstalling the drivers and also .NET framework 4.5.1 but no luck. Can anyone help?

  • LTC5586 power up sequence


    What is the significance of enabling OVDD interface after the VCC supply is brought up? (It is mentioned in the data sheet that it is to protect the ESD diodes)

    Is it a problem (or damage can occur) if my VCC and OVDD are brought up at the same time…

  • RE: LTC5584 Typical Application

    Hello Philippe,

    We chose 40MHz just as an example. Your filter design will likely be different depending on your signal bandwidth. The LTC5586 has very wide output bandwidth covering DC to 1GHz.