• LTC5564 Output Current


    The datasheet specifies a minimum output current for the LTC5564 of 1.7mA however there is no information available on the maximum. The circuit that I want the LTC5564 to drive sinks 125mA. I wanted to find out if it is possible to achieve this level…

  • LTC5564 questions

    We upgraded a design from the LTC5532 RF detector to the newer LTC5564 for higher frequency response and better temperature compensation. We just learned, an oversight on our part, that the 5564 draws 35-40mA of Icc whereas the 5532 drew .5ma. On top…

  • LTC5564: Vout voltage swing

    On page 10 of the datasheet, the output swing of the high speed amplifier is noted as "approximately 295mV to VCC – 1.6V". However for instance on page 6, in the figure "VOUT vs Input Power 10GHz", Vout is shown to increase up to…


    Hi, Could you provide  us RFIN VSWR raw data of DC1646A Demo board by each  Impedance matching circuits ?

  • LTC5564 High Frequency

    The datasheet specifies a frequency range of 600MHz to 15GHz with a note:
    Higher frequency operation is achievable with reduced performance. Consult the factory for
    more information.
    So, where can I find information on higher frequency operation?  I would…
  • LTC5564 comparator output voltage

    What is the comparator output voltage of the LTC5564? I am nor sure whether I understand Figs. G15 and G16 of the data sheet (Rev. fc). This is my current understanding:

    If I want to switch the comparator signal from LO to HI at 2.7GHz and 10dBm I have…

  • LTC5564 RF Power detector


    Hope you are doing well

    I have ordered LTC5564 power detector IC and intend to use it for power to voltage conversion. In my application i am working on an instantaneous bandwidth from 10 to 15 GHz. Can you please provide some suitable impedance matching…

  • LTC5564 and  DC1646A noisy VCOMP?


    I'm testing the DC1646A (demo board for the RF power detector LTC5564) and I'm having trouble getting a clean VCOMP. I'm not sure if it is due to noise or if I need to adjust some elements of the demo PCB.

    I'm attaching some measurements…

  • RE: handling RFpower  with out RF POWER LIMITER

    Take a look at LTC5564. Similar functionality but higher frequency coverage.


  • RE: S parameter (300kHz-12GHz)

    Hi Carmen,

    It's true, Analog Devices does not have any one diode detector that covers 300k to 12GHz. You might consider LTC5532 or LTC5564 for the high frequencies, and LTC5507 for the low frequencies.   -Bruce H.