• LTC5562


    Can you provide the s-parameter models for mixer LTC5562. Or do we have AWR simulation file for LTC5562.



  • combining LTC6948 and LTC5562

    (I asked this also to the technical support, my apologies for double asking but I need a fast answer)

    we combine LTC6948 and LTC5562. LTC6948 creates an LO signal of 920MHz and LTC5562 mixes the baseband onto it.
    Now I measured the output level of…

  • Mixer-LT5512, LT5526, LT5560, LTC5562


    I have RF input signal from 300 kHz to 12 GHz, and IF is 20 MHz. One of the design requirements is active mixer as we want a low LO drive.The frequency conversion will be split into 2 mixers, one covers 300 kHz to about 3 to 4 GHz, and the second one…

  • LTC5562 LO path phase noise?

    Do you have any data on the LO buffer or LO path phase noise, especially vs. the LO frequency?

  • AD831 vs AD8342 vs LTC5562 conversion phase


    I'm looking for a mixer that the conversion phase gap must be small between different RF input power.

    For example, AD831 conversion phase gap between RF input -20dBm & -40dBm is about less than 0.1 degree, but AD8342 & LTC5562 are about more than…

  • LTC5562 mixer evaluation board - urgent response required!

    Dear Analog Devices,

    We are trying to do a demo for a customer in which we would like to use the LTC5562 DC2483A-B evaluation board (LTC5562 mixer as a downconverter) spannered in to our set-up. For this demo we only need one set of frequencies:

    RF =…

  • LTC5562 wide band low power active mixer

    Hi Analog team,

    I would like use the LTC5562 active mixer in my project for C-Band up and down converter. In C-band up converter my freq is 5.5-6.5 GHz. But in graphs you have provided freq characteristics till 4.4 GHz in 3.6GHz up conversion case.


  • How to match LTC5562 output (OUT+, OUT-) port?

    Dear Analog Device Support Team,

    I need to match LTC5562 output to 50 Ohm via a 2:1 balun at 6.8 GHz frequency. I have checked the datasheet. Many frequency bands have a suggestion how to match. Matching circuit contains some lumped elements (inductors…

  • LTC5562 - What is value of input capacitor C1 and C2

    Hello Analog devise support team,

    For LTC5562 mixer : My RF input frequency is varying DC-8GHz. IF is 7.15GHz. Input signal is differential 100E impedance and output is also 100E impedance differential signal. What should I take capacitors at "IN port…

  • How to match LTC5562 LO ranging from 3GHz to 7.5GHz

    How do I match LO port of LTC5562, my LO ranges from 3GHz to 7.5GHz?