• LTC5552 Spurious

    Could anyone clarify and give me any advice?

    Part : LTC5552

    My customer made a test board that can test the LTC5552 as a single unit.
    → Freq. : RF : 5250MHz ~ 5850MHz / LO : 3820MHz ~ 4420MHz / IF : 1430MHz

    The datasheet shows that the Spurious 2X2…

  • Using LTC5552 IF port single ended without a balun


    We are considering using the LTC5552 in one of our designs, but the IF port is differential. It is rather hard/pricy to find a balun to cover very low freq - 6 GHz. In an upconverting case, where the IF port is the input and the RF port is the…

  • LTC5552 Test condition for Figure8, IF Port Return Loss

    Hi, I'd like to know  the test condition for Figure8, IF Port Return Loss. What is the frequency of LO input for this test?    

  • S parameter file for LTC5552


    My customer wants the LTC5552's S-parameter file.

    Could you please provide the LTC5552's S-parameter file ?



  • RE: ADAR1000 and SDR Pluto

    The LTC5552 mixer was used to frequency translate the Pluto's IF frequency to the ADAR1000's RF frequency. 

  • What software is used to design the PCB file of the LTC5553 verification board on the official ADI website. The file contents are garbled and disordered

    I downloaded the PCB file of LTC5553 from the official website of ADI, but after opening it with several versions of PADS software, the content was confused.I downloaded the PCB file of LTC5552 again, the situation is the same.What version of software…

  • RE: External 90º Hybrid for HMC525ALC4


    Using only one IF port without the hybrid would mean that you would have 3dB additional conversion loss. The hybrid is needed for image rejection. However you would lose the image rejection capability if using only one IF port.

    I think for your application…

  • I need to use AD9161 to make a signal jammer. The key is a large bandwidth, which can have an instantaneous bandwidth above 1.5GHz, such as suppressing interference with all signals in the range of 5~7.5GHz.

    I need to use a high-speed DAC to make a signal jammer. The key is a large bandwidth, which can have an instantaneous bandwidth above 1.5GHz. For example, to suppress all signals that interfere with the range of 5~7.5GHz, of course, a mixer will be used…

  • 我需要用AD9161来做一个信号干扰器,关键是大带宽,能有1.5GHz以上的瞬时带宽,比如压制干扰5~7.5GHz这个区段的所有信号




    高速RF DAC好像很符合我的需求,就像我描述的,如果是这样,那么AD9161混频后的信号带宽将可能达到2G以上。


  • 厉害了我的ADI,EDN Hot 100 占据16席!

    Hot 100 是 EDN 一项承传已久的历史活动,每年美国的编辑们都会选出当年最热门的100款产品分享给大家。

    2017 年最热的产品有哪些?EDN 编辑根据自己的判断和读者的兴趣选出了100个热门产品,其中 ADI 有 16 款产品上榜!手动鼓掌

    登上 EDN Hot 100 的 ADI 十六款产品都是哪些?它们为何如此受青睐呢,版主今天为你们说道说道~


    • LTC2358-18 SAR ADC

      LTC2358-18 是一款 18 位、低噪声、8 通道同时采样逐次逼近型寄存器 (SAR…