• LTC5548 IF current on Disabled

    On my application , i want to increase the signal streng of IF using a Trafo... something like that:

     , On operation  would be periods, when the mixer is deactivated. Is that mean, that during disabled or PowerDown , Is--> could be (3.3V/25Ohm) ~ 130mA…

  • LTC5510 and LTC5548 noise floor


    Here is our mixer circuit block diagram.


    The IF noise floor measurement results at 21.4 MHz from the evaluation board with the circuit above as below.


    Few notes:

    1. Low band mixer LTC5510 always has higher noise floor than high band mixer LTC5548…
  • LTC5548 minimum input LO and X2 pin

    Good day!

    What is the minimum acceptable LO value I can enter into the mixer input without disrupting its operation?

    Do I understand correctly:
    IF = 1GHz
    LO = 4GHz
    X2 = High
    RF = 9GHz?
    Does the frequency doubling mode work in both upmixer and downmixer…

  • Customize Balun for DC2461A (EVALBOARD LTC5548)


    I'm looking for a downconverter in range 3.5-7.5 GHz and can produce IF in range 10-100kHz. I'm considering LTC5548 since I think it can handle low power signals. But the problem is its standard evalboard (DC2461A) comes with TC1-1-13M+ which…

  • Can LTC5548 use LO input as a differential ?

    Can LTC5548 use LO port as a differential input by simply ground the one trace of differential pair ?

    or we have to add some impedance matching circuit or Balun to do so?

  • LTC5548 Mixer as phase detector


    I want to use the LTC5548 as a phase detector for two 6GHz signals.

    How do I know what voltage level to expect. So far i assumed it to use a ring-diode setup and guessed the IF-voltage to be something like:



  • RE: ADF4355输出相噪差


  • RE: LTC5594 maximum IF banwidth


    LTC5594 is good for BW till 1GHz for a good gain flatness of 1dB. It can be used for higher BW applications but gain will be compromised. 

    If more BW is needed, recommended mixers are: LTC5549 and LTC5548



  • RE: Mixer-LT5512, LT5526, LT5560, LTC5562

    As long as your application RF/LO/IF frequencies are within the active mixer's specified RF/LO/IF frequency ranges, it can be used as either upmixer or downmixer. However, many of our mixer products have on-chip baluns which have limited frequency range…

  • RE: External 90º Hybrid for HMC525ALC4

    Hi Taz,

    I want to ask another question. I am interested in using LTC5548. But when I checked the eval-board it uses balun TC1-1-13M+ whose range is 4.5MHz-3GHz while my expected IF is in 10kHz-100kHz. Is it possible for me to request custom LTC5548 board…