• LTC5510

    I would like to know what would the outcome be at the Out port if RF In and LO are exactly at the same frequency?

    I want to find compare two signals and generate some trigger if both signals are at the same frequency. Range 50MHz to 6GHz,


  • LTC5510 Full Span

    I'm designing an up and down converter and would like to use the LTC5510 eval board with a few changes to hit my specified frequency ranges (The 10 MHz - 6GHz range is good). Is there an eval board available or anyway to purchase it besides a PCB design…

  • LTC5510 LO-OUT leakage

    For an instrumental double conversion superheterodyne transceiver I'm looking to integrate the LTC5510 . I'm looking to use the LTC5510 in upconversion and downconversion mode:

    Input: 28.5MHz (1MHz BW)
    LO: 375MHz fixed (from PLL)

  • LTC5510 S-parameters


    Can you provide me S-parameters data of LTC5510 by Tochstone format? I need the data of Table 1 on the page 18 and Table 4 on the page 20 of LTC5510 datasheet.

    Best regards,


  • LTC5510 isolation improvement


    In my design I intend to use common LO signal for two mixers LTC5510 with different signals at "IN" ports. So, I'd like to know IN to LO supression of the LTC5510 (in the Data Sheet I see only LO to OUT leakage and IN to OUT isolation).…

  • LTC5510 and ADF4355

    I would like to know if I can use LTC5510 mixer to mix 2 signals: RFinput (3.4-3.7 GHz), LO (4.65 GHz from RFoutput of ADF4355) to get IF (0.95 to 1.25 GHz) ?

  • Mixer LTC5510 - space qualified?


    I would like know if the LTC5510 have an equivalent in aerospace version?

    Thank you in advance,


  • LTC5510 Reference Circuit Matching - 0.05pF Cap?

    I'm designing a wide band receiver around the reference circuit on page 26 of the LTC5510 datasheet. Image bellow.

    The matching circuit for the 1:1 balun suggests using a 0.05pF capacitor. Is this correct?

    I would expect a 50fF value to be useless…

  • Question about Downconversion Module LTC5510


    We are seeking for :

    1) An analog upconverter module to upconvert a 1GHz bandwidth signal from an IF at 1.5 GHz to an RF at 5 GHz. It also needs to provide an output voltage swing of 1.125 V(p-p) with an input of 1V(p-p)at the IF port(1.5GHz).

    2) An analog…

  • Request about LTC5510's S-parameter file

    Hello All,

    I would like to have LTC5510's S-parametr file.

    The LTC5510 is mixer. I think there is not full 3port s-parameter file.

    I would like to have the 1port s-parameter(only retern loss) of all ports of the mixer.

    Could you please provide the…