• How to solve LTC4446 problems?

    LTC4446 is used as a driver for high-side and low-side outputs. Load is inductive (200uH), Vin=60V, Vcc=12V.

    LTC4446 fails to operate after several hours. The symptoms are, in a case, excessive current through Vcc (12V), and in other case excessive current…

  • LTC4446 Components


    It is not apparent from the LTC4446's data sheet how components were chosen for the "Fast Turn-On/Turn-Off DC Switch". While the simulation is helpful, I am uncertain how to determine the 0.1 (uH) inductive and 0.7 (ohm) resistive load limit. How…

  • RE: LTC4446: Can I use this driver to drive two electrodes?

    Yes, LTC4446 will work at 1MHz. The capacitor from BOOST to TS is refreshed when TS returns to ground (bottom FET on or load). A LTSpice model is available to verify your circuit.