• RE: LT1083CP and LT1083CP-5


    LT1083CP and LT1083CP-5 are not exactly the same.

    LT1083CP is an adjustable version (you will need 2 resistors on ADJ pin to achieve a desired voltage: indicated on the typical application on the datasheet page1)

    While LT1083CP-5 is a fixed versi…

  • AD9371/5 retune time

    Is there any data on the transmit retune time of these transceivers? It is my understanding that LO cals and QEC are the limiting factor but there is no data on this in the datasheet. I'd like to get details on the max tuning time for any frequency change…

  • Ad9361, cyclone 5, QSPI

    Can anyone please help me, 

    I am able to write a simple hello program on qspi and get the output

    but i am unable to do so about arradio, 

    I am using Latest hdl design and no_os

    What files and in what order do i need to write files on qspi?



  • Device Reset for AD7091R-5


    Could you please recommend ADI's IC as the device reset for AD7091R-5 ?



  • ADRV9009 SPI error -5


    We have the ADRV9009+ZCU102 example design working fine. We made some changes to it and now we're getting AD9528 failed with error -5.

    We probed the AD9528 CSN, SCLK, DIN and we are getting exactly the same waveforms.

    In our modified design…

  • ADSB on ZCU102 + AD9371/5


    I was trying to implement the ADSB project all on the hardware (Part 4 of Four Quick Steps to Production: Using Model-Based Design for Software-Defined Radio) using ZCU102+AD9375 or maybe ZC706+AD9375 (I think this combination does not have BSP), so…

  • LT1117IST-5 part marking

    Hi friends,

    Look pls.

    Top side:

    "829"= 29 week 2018?

    "e3" - lead free?

    Bottom side:

    "L67151" - lot code?

    "BS", "BT", "BV" -????

    Best regards