• High side gate driver for an application using LTC4440


    I'm looking for information of LTC4440 schematics.

    I need to drive a N MOSFET. as attached. 

    Do I need to use the the diodes used applications mentioned in Data sheet.?

  • RE: high side driver LTC7001


    The LTC7001 can be used as a high side MOSFET gate driver for buck converter.  See diagram below.

    You can use LTC4440 as a high side MOSFET gate driver for buck converter as well.

  • +-5 from single +5

    can you suggest any way to produce +-5 from +5.
    I need it for one 4ch differential signal summer op-amp plus salen-key filter op-amp.

    Is there any DC/DC converter or something in ADI that doing this?

  • PSPICE file for LT1761ES5-5

    Therse is LTspice file present for this LT1761ES5-5 but it not compatible with TI-TINA simulator. 

    Please help me out by providing a SPICE file for this part so that I can import it to other tools as well. 


    Ankit Kumar

  • RE: AD7091R-5 I2C


    So I spoke to the designer and I believe the model you provided in your thread above is accurate for SDA in that there are protection diodes in the SDA pad for when the device is to be a SPI part.   The problem is that POWER must be applied for…

  • LTC4089(-5) typical application

    In typical application, 1k resistor is connected between HVPR(pin 7) and OUT(pin 13).If high voltage is

    present, the HVPR goes low( near to GND) and opens external p-fet to drive high voltage (vbat+0.3V/5V)

    to OUT. At same time, ca 3...5 mA  are going…

  • Ad9361-lpc error -5

    I am working on a custom PCB that attempts to combine reference designs from the Zedboard and ADCOMMSF3 board into a single board. I am currently working with Rev. B of my board and I am running into issues with AD9361 that I did not run into with the…

  • RE: The spec of the ADV8003/5

    Hi Nelson,

    Unfortunately ADV800x components are not industrial grade.

    Both ADV8003 and ADV8005 has an operating range of 0 to 70°C.



  • LT3066EDE-5#PBF Ultralibrarian

    I am FAE in Japanease distributor.

    I downloaded LT3066_footprints_symbols.zip from Symboll and footpront of LT3066 in ADIWeb site.

    But the folder of Ultralibrarian was emty and no bxl file after unzip.

    Could you share the Ultralibrarian data(bxl)?


  • LT1019-5 DIP8

    关于LT1019-5 DIP8 是否有可替代的料