• RE: LTC4421

    Hi Santo,

    We do not allow access to the back end of the LTC4421 design tool. It contains specs of the LTC4421 that do not change, like threshold voltages, pull-up/down currents, etc. Thank you for your interest in the part.


  • RE: LTC4421

    The operational range of VIN is 3.0V to 36.0V. The pre-bias circuit limits the CPO voltage to 10.4 volts to protect from over voltage when VIN exceeds 12V. When below 12V, it makes CPO 1.8V below VIN. If you use a two diode path control circuit with two…

  • LTC4421 behavior if one of N-channel Mosfet burns


    I want to know the behavior of LTC4421 if one of N-channel Mosfet burns. But voltage at the channel keeps alive

    Will LTC4421 switchover to 2nd channel (assuming 2nd channel voltage is also present).

  • RE: LTC4421 output voltage dropout reduction

    Hi NiceJ,

    Which is the primary supply and which is the secondary?
    How are you doing the switching?
    What did you set UVRISE, UVFALL, and OVRISE to?

    The way the LTC4421 works, is that the primary supply has priority and is passed to the output if it is…

  • RE: LTC4421 Design Tool Release, password

    Hi Krzysztof,

    If you can share your saved excel file so we take a look at the error to compare with what we have.  I think we have found a way to unlock the file but we are not able to share in public until being sure it is fully ok. 

  • RE: LTC4414

    For large currents such as yours, you should switch to N-channel FET PowerPath controllers to minimize RDS(ON).
    I recommend looking into the LTC4421. It operates up to 36V, so it should work for your application.

  • RE: ideal diode with back to back N-Mosfets

    Hello,  Please consider LTC4421 prioritizer.

  • LTC 4421 and LTC 4418

    we work on a robotics system with  Three 48v Battery pack. I want to design a board in order to switch between three batteries based on the priority.

    we need a circuit with a max 40A pike. I found LTC4421 and LTC4418 for this work. As I read in the datasheet…

  • RE: Ideal diode w. back to back Mosfet

    Hello, Please consider LTC4359 but it doesn't have fast turn-on, which is usually not needed at higher voltages. Also consider LTC4421 prioritizer.

  • RE: LTC4353

    Hi,  Yes, due to the MOSFET's internal body diode, Vin1 can never be completely cut off from output. It requires back-to-back FETs but LTC4353 doesn't work with back-to-back FETs. LTC4352 (single) works with back-to-back FETs. This is a prioritized supply…