• Why LTC4418 not turned ON at the 200mAmp's Load current?

    Hi All,

    I have used LTC4418 in one of my project, for power path control between non-rechargeable Li-ion battery (14.7V / 550Ah )and DC Power Supply (10 -30V).

    V1 primary power path is connected to the  DC Power

    V2 Secondary power path is Connected to the…

  • RE: Switching power (LTC4359)

    I will use LTC4418 in a new project

  • definition_of_SYS_of_LTC4418


    I have one question about LTC4418

    Looking at P12 of the LTC4418 datasheet, we have the following description.

    「Note that input supply voltages denoted by “SYS” are not hot-swappable, all other input supplies are hot-swappable.」

    Is this…

  • RE: Automatic Switchover from a Battery to a Wall Adapter with a Battery Charger

    Hi Gao,  For the supply switchover part of your application, please consider these possibilities: 

    - LTC4418: 2-channel prioritizer. 2.5V to 40V operating range. Controls external back-to-back P-channel MOSFETs. http://www.analog.com/LTC4418

    - LTC4359:…

  • RE: LTC4353 OR-ing diode enabling below 0.8V not 0.6V

    Please note that there is a parallel current path through the inherent MOSFET body diode even if the MOSFET channel is turned off by driving its gate low. When MAIN = 11.5V and AUX = 12.3V, the output will be powered through M2 body diode to 12.3V – 0…

  • RE: Backup Power Supply Design

    LTC4420 can only operate up to 18V input supply. 28V is above its abs max rating. You should use LTC4418 + external MOSFETs for this application.

  • RE: LTC 4421 and LTC 4418

    LTC4421 has an operating range of 3V to 36V and that for LTC4418 it is 2.5 to 40V. For 48V operation, none of these parts will work.

  • RE: Looking for an IC for hotswap application

    Thanks for the recommendations. 

    Will adopt a 18650 single cell, with 10A - 20A discharge rate.

    Looking at the LTC4418 & LTC3119, it seems i would still need to implement another IC for the charging of the backup cell? Is there a recommendation for it…

  • RE: Is LTC4413-1/LTC4413-2 Can detect the Input Power Source automatically


    You might consider the LTC4419 PowerPath Prioritizer for your application. It is designed specifically to validate and select power between two supplies. The LTC4419's internal P-channel MOSFETs are 2ohms. You will need to check the acceptable power…

  • LTC4020


    I would like to ask if the components in D5, D6, D7, and M1 in DC2044A can be omitted. I just want to use LTC4020 for lead-acid charging. In the back I will add a battery and switching power supply to switch LTC4418 to switch. .