• LTC4418 CAS Output

    in our application we are cascading multiple LTC4418s.  Often, the first one in the chain will have no power input.  The datasheet indicates that the CAS output can be pulled up.  The Block Diagram on page 9 indicates that the CAS output is actually an open…

  • LTC4418 Output Discharge


       I have an application that has a decent amount of capacitance on the output of the LTC4418. Input 1 is a battery, 12V nominal and input 2 is a power supply, 24V nominal. When no inputs are connected we would like to discharge the output caps gently…

  • LTC4418 forcing one input


       We have a product that uses the LTC4418 whereby the high priority input is from a solar panel and the lower priority input is from a battery. We have a fairly power hungry sensor that we occasionally need to power up. But when we power it on,…

  • LTC4418 EN and SHDN timing?


     I have EN & SHDN connected to 1k resistor --> INTVcc

    When disabling LTC4418 there is FET to short EN & SHDN to GND. Is this 3mA current OK to draw from INTVcc ?

    What timing is safe to use, is 100msec Disable time OK for LTC4418 or should…

  • LTC4418 - Confused About Output Voltage Droop


    I am confused about Vout droop.

    Does Vout droop occur during switchover or the concept is different?
    For example, if my UV Threshold is 7V and if I set allowed Vout droop to be 4V does it mean that output voltage might be 3V during switchover ?

  • RE: LTC4418 Motorboating


    There really aren't any good solutions to this issue. 

    The LTC4418 qualifies the input by measuring the voltage. The solar cells are current limited, the maximum current increase with solar radiation. There will always be operating points where…

  • LTC4418 Motorboating, part 2


       We previously experienced motorboating when powering up from a solar panel and charging a battery. We've fixed it by delaying the battery charging. For more info see

    LTC4418 Motorboating - Q&A - Power By Linear - EngineerZone (analog.com)…

  • LTC4418 Enable

    Hello - we are using your LTC4418 Power Controller in one of our products. 

    We would like to use a mechanical switch to enable/disable both power outputs by pulling the EN pin to ground. I would appreciate a review of the attached schematic. 

    With the switch…

  • Why LTC4418 not turned ON at the 200mAmp's Load current?

    Hi All,

    I have used LTC4418 in one of my project, for power path control between non-rechargeable Li-ion battery (14.7V / 550Ah )and DC Power Supply (10 -30V).

    V1 primary power path is connected to the  DC Power

    V2 Secondary power path is Connected to the…

  • LTC4418

    Hi, i'm a beginner, I need advice and/or help to design a ups using ltc4418 chip. I tried the design tool but i'm not sure if values are good. Is it possible to send an email to the support team or maybe we can try through this forum?