• RE: LTC4418 Motorboating


    There really aren't any good solutions to this issue. 

    The LTC4418 qualifies the input by measuring the voltage. The solar cells are current limited, the maximum current increase with solar radiation. There will always be operating points where…

  • LTC4418

    Hi, i'm a beginner, I need advice and/or help to design a ups using ltc4418 chip. I tried the design tool but i'm not sure if values are good. Is it possible to send an email to the support team or maybe we can try through this forum?


  • LTC4418 circuit


    We are using LTC4418 EVM circuit to switch between two power supplies in our LTE enodeB project.


    The requirement is to switch between…

  • LTC4418 undervoltage

    Hello, I am using a USB input into the LTC4418, and set the undervoltage/overvoltage resistors such that the V1 is only valid between 4.5 and 5.5V.  The problem is, when I turn on my downstream load V1 sags enough to fall below 4.5V, disabling the output…

  • LTC4418 Enable

    Hello - we are using your LTC4418 Power Controller in one of our products. 

    We would like to use a mechanical switch to enable/disable both power outputs by pulling the EN pin to ground. I would appreciate a review of the attached schematic. 

    With the switch…

  • LTC4418 Power/Battery Selector


    I need for a project a battery/power selector. My device should run with two batteries and it should always use the battery with the lower capacity. And when I disconnect the battery which is supplying the device the power switch should switch to…

  • LTC4418 Typical current capability


    I am after a device that can control two power paths and switch between them seamlessly.
    The highest priority path is the 24Vdc derived from the AC-to-DC power supply.
    If this fails then it has to switch to the 24Vdc battery bank.
    The switching current…

  • whether LTC4418 support 8 Amp's load current

    Hello sir,

                     We have plan to use LTC4418 Power Path Controller in our project.

    we are connecting external supply voltage ( input range from 10.5V to 30 V ) in higher priority VS1 path.

    Li-Ion 14.4V backup battery  connecting on VS2 path.

    Our requirement…

  • LTC4418 with inrush current limiting and overlapping input ranges

    I am designing a power input selector using the LTC4418 to select an input power source. The designed thresholds and hysteresis are as follows. Both inputs have inrush limiting circuitry on the FET gates due to the overlapping input voltage ranges.