• RE: LTC4417 Maximum Output Current

    LTC4417 controls external FETs, hence their selection/parameters are primary concern for output current. LTC4417 does not see the load current itself.

  • LTC4417 hysteresis

    We are using the LTC4417CUF device in a prototype with input protection and prioritization.

    We are using batteries and tried to set hysteresis manually, with an external resistor on HYS pin. See schematic extract here below.

    First tests confirm correct…

  • Design using LTC4417


    I'm designing a miso converter and I'm planning to use LTC4417 for current sharing I was wondering if it's okay to use it even if I have a 4A max current?

  • LTC4417 Shuts Off

    I have an implementation with LTC4417 to switch between an AC adapter, main battery, and backup battery.

    When running, it will randomly turn off. I have checked the EN pin after it shuts off and it is at 1.8-1.9V which is above the 1V cutoff specified…

  • LTC4417 Shutdown Input

    We intend to use the LTC4417 to select between 2 battery packs and a converter.  However, we will have an enable switch located 15+ feet away.  We'd like to connect this switch to the Shutdown Input.   Is any debounce circuit required on this input or…

  • Understanding the LTC4417


    I am playing around with the 4417 eval board and just want to understand what I should be seeing.  I apply 5V to the correct input and have jumpered the output voltage to the 5V for the board.

    I assume when 5V is present on the correct input and…

  • LTC4417 UV/OV Hysteresis

    I have the UV and OV resistors set so that UV is 9.1V and OV is 14.5V. I have the HYS pin grounded which should set the hysteresis to 30mV. The UV and OV thresholds work properly however once I hit the threshold I can go all the way through the voltage…

  • LTC4417 Power Path Controller PMOSFET Selection


    I want to use the LTC4417 Power Path Controller in my next design.

    The maximum current that flows through the PMOSFET will be up to 8A. I'm looking for a PMOSFET device with an small RDS(On) to keep the power dissipation low. The datasheet makes…

  • LTC4417 reverse battery protection


    I am designing a system with a user-replaceable battery.  Our Mech Engr can't provide reverse insertion protection.  (Of course, no amount of labeling will be sufficient.)  The battery will be a single Li-ion battery (~3 - 4.2V).  The V1, V2,…

  • General Spice Model for LTC3621, LTC8606 & LTC4417

    Hi Team,

    In our system we have couple of power regulators LTC3621 , LTC8606 from analog devices and TPS63070 from TI.

    We are performing analysis for ripple measurement, Load/line regulation independently in LTspice for ADI parts and TINA Tool for TI part…