• RE: LTC1760, Smart Battery Selector

    Hello Zack,

    thank you for your answer. From my point of view the LTC4417 looks fine. After studying the datasheet, one more question comes up. For my application, I must switch off the power (in this case, the output of the LTC4417), if the voltage falls…

  • LTC4417 hysteresis

    We are using the LTC4417CUF device in a prototype with input protection and prioritization.

    We are using batteries and tried to set hysteresis manually, with an external resistor on HYS pin. See schematic extract here below.

    First tests confirm correct…

  • RE: LTC4417 Power Path Controller PMOSFET Selection

    Hi Till,

    From the MOSFET specs and your design requirements, seems like SI7997DP is good fit for your design. I have not used this MOSFET before but I don't see any potential issues with using this.

    Also, we have a design tool available for LTC4417…

  • RE: LTC4417 Shuts Off

    Can you share Gate, Vin and Vout waveforms? Also the schematic file that you sent is not clear. Can you send a better version?

  • LTC4417 UV/OV Hysteresis

    I have the UV and OV resistors set so that UV is 9.1V and OV is 14.5V. I have the HYS pin grounded which should set the hysteresis to 30mV. The UV and OV thresholds work properly however once I hit the threshold I can go all the way through the voltage…

  • Design using LTC4417


    I'm designing a miso converter and I'm planning to use LTC4417 for current sharing I was wondering if it's okay to use it even if I have a 4A max current?

  • LTC4417 reverse battery protection


    I am designing a system with a user-replaceable battery.  Our Mech Engr can't provide reverse insertion protection.  (Of course, no amount of labeling will be sufficient.)  The battery will be a single Li-ion battery (~3 - 4.2V).  The V1, V2,…

  • LTC3119 Adjustable Output Voltage


    I am using the LTC3119 as a high current, adjustable, buck-boost regulator for a robotics application. The input to this device is the output from a LTC4417 PowerPath controller. I am using a potentiometer to adjust the resistor ratio on the output…

  • RE: Is it possible to connect the output of LTC3126 in parallel to double output current?


    LTC3126 can be paralleled but you will have to adjust the feedback signal to balance the load current between the converters, so that will require additional external current sense circuitry.

    LTC3118 is also a dual input part with 2A output current…

  • 关于LTC4417关机后再开机未缓冲的问题