• Reverse current blocking LTC4416


    I am looking for power muxing IC and I have question about LTC4416. In this configuration (screenshot from datasheet) is first power input V1 is protected from reverse current (from V2 or VS) while changing active supply from V2 to V1? And second question…

  • LTC4416 - Design help required


    Happy New Year Everyone.

    I'm new on this Forum, and I have a question that I really need help with.

    I'm trying to build a device that uses the LTC4416 to supply 12V supply (V2) to a transceiver when the Power Supply (V1) approx. 13.6V is shutdown…

  • LTC4416 Reverse Polarity Protection

    I am using LTC4416EMS#PBF to switch between a 12V power source and a USB power source. The 12V supply takes priority over the USB supply as long as it's above 4V.

    My issue is that my 12V supply needs reverse polarity protection. The LTC4416 datasheet…

  • Help with the LTC4416-1 design

    Hello everyone....

    I have some question on the TLC4416-1 that I can't answer by myself.

    I am planning to design an easy circuit with the use of the TLC4416-1

    The scope of my project is to create a powerpath for an industrial network system running…

  • LTC4416 failure mode


    From the datasheet of LTC4416, there is no max current limit at absolute maximum ratings table.

    So what will happen if internal IC is short circuit?

    Is there any possibility of this IC failure that casing V1/V2/VS current over loading?

    The switchover…

  • LTC4416 - Recommendation for Switchover circuit


    I am interested in using the LTC4416 for power OR-ing our device which must meet a special case. I wanted to ask Analog for directions on how to use the LTC4416  for this case (although we are open to other suggestions).

    We have an UPS that outputs…

  • Is it possible to switch the power supply when LTC4416 V1 and V2 have the same voltage?


    I am experimenting with the LTC4416.

    I have two questions, please let me know.

    Is this IC switchable even if V1 and V2 have the same voltage? (For example, V1 = 24V, V2 = 24V)

    I want to switch the power supply instead of sharing the load.



  • LTC4416 Power ORing


    I am doing a project of dual power input and single output, with max load current 30A. The 1st input is 24V from ACDC supply, and 2nd input is battery with voltage around 23V to 28V.

    In our case, fixed DC input has higher priority, when DC input is…

  • LTC4416 oring controller gate driver current


    I need an ideal diode controller for my new electronic circuit product. Before, I have used LTC4416 controller and FDD9510L-F085 Mosfet for ideal diode application but with current through Mosfet only about 10A. In new circuit, current through Mosfet…

  • 关于LTC4416主备电源使能切换问题



    有一个负载设备需要12V/10A供电,第一输入主电源来自AC/DC模块输出的12V,第二输入电源来自备用4S1P铁锂电池(12V/5Ah ),电压最大14.6V。




    针对#1,是否可以设置E1 < Vref,E2# >…