• LTC4415 in continuous diode OR mode


    I am designing a LiFePO4 charger/battery backup UPS with the LTC4415 as the diode OR. I would like to know is it safe to operate the device with both diodes enabled continuously as a diode OR, with Vin1 at +5VDC and Vin2 at +3.65VDC ? Will the…

  • LTC4415 or LTC4413

    Hi, I am currently looking for a switch of some sort to decide which power to send to the load based on the voltage differences from each input.

    I have 2 capacitors that are being charged. I want CAP1 to be the main source. They will be 3V caps and when…

  • LTC4415 Enable Hysteresis


    I'm using the LTC4415 component to act as a battery switch over between a Boosted 5V supply (BSTOUT) generated off of 3 AA batteries and a Bucked 5V supply (+5V) generated from a 12V rail.  Using the equations on page 13 of the LTC4415 datasheet…

  • LTC3124, LTC4415


    I have a backup power circuit below that I like your input on it.  LTC3124 to boost the voltage to 5V, and LTC4415 Oring Diode to switch to back-up power.


    Thank you in advance,


  • Backup Power LTC4060, LTC3124, & LTC4415



    I need your help and not sure if this possible, I came up with a schematic for backup power for our new product  that uses LTC4060 (battery charger), LTC3124 (boost), and LTC4415 (Oring). Would it be possible to share this with your team to get…

  • Purpose of voltage divider and 50 K resistor in this reference circuit

    I am testing my circuit of a single charger for a dual battery system. For that, I am using the LTC4001 combined with the LTC4415 (just as the picture below.)

    I don't understand the reason for the 50k resistor. Similarly, I do not get why the 1.5k…

  • RE: Auto switching for LTC4413

    Hi Ashapiro,
    Thank you for your reply.
    LTC4415 seems like a good choice.
    If my understanding about LTC4415 is correct, the Voltage at the EN pin must be higher than 840mv to turn the first MOSFET turn on and the voltage at the ~EN pin must be less than 760mV…

  • RE: Auto switching for LTC4413


    1. To check your ideas and assumption please use a simple LTSpice circuit with the LTC4413. Should answer all your question about switching and channel selection.

    2. LTC4415 can deliver more current and operates down to lower voltages.

  • RE: NiMH - LTC4015 battery charger


    Great catch that saved me all of of debugging nightmares, Thank you very much for your help. I will ask the LTC3124 or LTC4415 division for inputs.

    Thank you again,


  • 工程师必看丨一份来自ADI工程师的Power技术问题指南!




    今天,斑竹为各位小伙伴带来了ADI工程师亲自盘点的ADI Power的技术问题集,希望能够帮到大家哦~