• LTC4414


    I am designing the module to switch load (24V,50A) from SMPS output to 28V Battery when mains power of SMPS will Cut off & it will work on battery till SMPS main will retrieve. I am using p channel mosfet as high side switch.can i use LTC4414 to…

  • LTC4414 Power Priority


    As per datasheet, this device can operate in 3 different modes.

    In my application, the V1 is the primary input (24V from AC/DC), while V2 is a redundant 24VDC power source.

    I have configured as per figure 2 in the datasheet, and all connections on board…

  • RE: PMIC Evaluation board

    Hi Jose,

    There are powerpath controller demo boards available that you can start with like in link below:

    LTC4414 Datasheet and Product Info | Analog Devices 

    For your specific application, I recommend that you contact local ADI sales or Field Applications…

  • RE: LTC4421: Extending the Input Voltage Range


    The LTC4421 is specified, on the datasheet, to function over the range 3 - 36V.

    The Absolute Maximum Ratings define the voltage levels at which the part will be damaged. The functionality between the maximum operating voltage and the Absolute Maximum…